Acronym New-ECW
Establishment Oct 7, 2011 - Nov 5, 2011
Owner(s) David
Staff Mick Foley GM
Formerly N/A

New-ECW, is a CAW league loosely based off the real life Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) wrestling company.

New-ECW Roster

Superstars of New-ECW

Superstar Name Alignment Finisher Accomplishments in New-ECW
Bubba-ecw Bubba Ray Dudley Face Bubba Cutter
CM-ECW CM Punk Heel Go to Sleep
Otunga-ECW David Otunga Heel Ura-nage
D-von D-Von Dudley Face Saving Grace
Dylan Connell-ECW Dylan Connell Face Mounted Punches
Edge-ecw Edge Face Spear
Cena-ecw John Cena Face Attitude Adjustment
Justin-ECW Justin Gabriel Face 450 Splash
Orton-ecw Randy Orton Face RKO, Punt Kick
Raven-ecw Raven Heel Even Flow DDT ECW Tag Team Championship (x1)
Rhino-ecw Rhino Heel Gore ECW Tag Team Championship (x1)
Rvd-ecw Rob Van Dam Face Five–Star Frog Splash
Sabu-ecw Sabu Face Arabian Facebuster
Sandman Sandman Heel White Russian Legsweep, Rolling Rock ECW Championship (x1)
Saul Baul Saul Baul Face Mr.Saul Kick
100px Shawn Dynasty Face Dynasty Destroyer
Sheamus-ecw Sheamus Heel High Cross, Brogue Kick ECW Television Championship (x1)
Supercrazy-ecw Super Crazy Face The Trifecta
Tajiri-ecw Tajiri Face Buzzsaw Kick
Miz-ecw The Miz Heel Skull Crushing Finale
Tommy-ecw Tommy Dreamer Face Dreamer DDT

List of current New-ECW Champions

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Event Previous champion(s)
ECW Championship Vacant Oct 8, 2011 New-ECW Episode 1 Inaugural Champion
CAW Universal Heavyweight Championship Owen Hart and Paul bearer Nov 2, 2011 FNW Show Inaugural Champion
ECW Television Championship Vacant Oct 8, 2011 New-ECW Episode 1 Inaugural Champion
ECW Tag Team Championship Vacant Oct 8, 2011 New-ECW Episode 1 Inaugural Champions


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