Tagline(s) Its Neverending
Promotion New-NAW
Date February 21st, 2014
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Last Event New-NAW Wrestlefest
Next Event New-NAW The Last Hoorah

New-NAW Aggression is the seventh pay per view under the New-NAW banner. It's the third event produced by New-NAW with an original name, differing from the use of NAW's past names.

# Results Stipulations
Pre-Show The Nuevo Conquistadors def. Gangrel & Mideon Tag Team Match
1 Steven Raden & Andrew Liana def. That Sports Guy & Butch Polebag Tag Team Match
2 Shelton Benjamin (c) def. The Big Show vs The Crippler vs Drew McIntyre New-NAW Hardcore Championship
3 Joe Omega & Larry It def. The Real Americans (c) (New Champions) New-NAW Tag Team Championship
4 Norm Dailey def. Monty Brown (New Champion) New-NAW Intercontinental Championship
5 Shawn Dynasty def. Biff Andreas #1 Contenders World Title at New-NAW Vendetta
6 Danny Jackpot def. Matt Eichorn #1 Contenders World Title at New-NAW Vendetta
Main Tyler King (c) def. Zach Starr New-NAW World Championship


  • Pre-Show; This match was a tribute to Viscera, who had passed away within a week of the event occurring.
  • Match 1; After the match, That Sports Guy attacked Butch Polebag but was hit with Butchered.
  • Match 4; Norm "The Storm" Dailey won the Intercontinental Championship after the debuting Tony Cole gave him a chair while the referee was down.
  • Match 6; This match was scheduled to be Matt Eichorn vs The Suspect, however Suspect wasn't cleared to compete, so Danny Jackpot took his place. After the match, The Suspect attacked Matt Eichorn.