Tagline(s) "Countdown to the Final Chapter"
Promotion New-NAW
Date May 21st 2015
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Last Event New-NAW Presents Cruiserweight Extravaganza
Next Event New-NAW The Final Chapter

New-NAW Countdown is the ninth pay per view under the New-NAW banner. It's a tribute to the PPV "The Final Countdown" from New Age Wrestling and ACWL, and is the second to last event before New-NAW's flagship supercard The Final Chapter. The main event consists of New-NAW World Champion Zach Starr defending his championship against the previous champion he used his One Survivor Title shot against, Tyler King. Tyler is using his rematch clause for this event.

The matches on the card include tag team champions Larry It and Joe Omega defending against the undefeated Breaking Bad, who earned a title shot at Vendetta after defeating Butch Polebag and Sunny Meadows. It also includes The Suspect settling a rivalry with Drew McIntyre that began at the One Survivor 2014 Tournament.

# Results Stipulations
Pre-Match Monty Brown def That Sports Guy (c), Big Show, Hector Frost New-NAW Hardcore Championship, Steel Cage 4 Way Match
Pre-Match 2 Shelton Benjamin (c) def Charlie Haas (Mystery Opponent) New-NAW Cruiserweight Championship
1 Cesaro def Jack Swagger #1 Contenders Match New-NAW Intercontinental Championship
2 Drew McIntyre def The Suspect Singles Match
3 Breaking Bad (Walter White & Jesse Pinkman) def |Larry It & Joe Omega (c) New-NAW Tag Team Championship
4 Steven Raden (c) def Andrew Liana Singles Match for the New-NAW Intercontinental Championship
5 Norm Dailey def Shawn Dynasty Hardcore Match
6 Biff Andreas (c) def Link (escape) Cage Match for the ACWL World Heavyweight Championship
Main Zach Starr (c) def Tyler King Submission Match for the New-NAW World Championship


  • 4: Steven Raden and Andrew Liana would shake hands after their match, showing the title match would not split their team.
  • Main: Danny Jackpot would come out and call for the bell claiming Tyler King had tapped out when he didn't and would declare Zach Starr the winner by submission. The whole blame was put on Ref David Adams for this incident by Danny Jackpot. While being removed from the building the referee would make accusations of being paid money by Jackpot to do it.

The infamous referee David Adams.