Hardcore Impulse
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Promotion New-NAW
Date April 1st, 2013
City Boston, Massachusetts
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Last Event New-NAW Anarchy
Next Event New-NAW Caught in the Crossfire

New-NAW Hardcore Impulse is the second pay per view under the New-NAW banner. As a tribute to the original NAW's version, Most of this match feature hardcore style matches on most the card. The very first Hardcore Impulse had an all hardcore match card. This event also features the finals of the New-NAW One Survivor Tournament 2013. This event also featured the retirement and final match for the NAW Hardcore Championship.

# Results Stipulations
1 Zach Starr def The Suspect (c) New-NAW Intercontinental Championship, 15 Minute Iron Man Match
2 Garet Shetty def Norm "The Storm" Dailey, Road Dogg Jesse James, & Steven Richards 10 Minute NAW Hardcore Scramble Match, Officially will retire NAW Hardcore Championship
3 Matt Eichorn w/ Tyson's Father def Raven w/ Tyson Steel Cage Match
4 Butch Polebag & The Groovy Molester (c) def 3 Man Band (Heath Slater & Drew McIntryre) New-NAW Tag Team Championship, Tornado Tag No Holds Barred
5 Tyler King def The Crippler New-NAW One Survivor Tournament Finals
Main Biff Andreas def Larry It & The Big Show (c) New-NAW World Championship, Ladder Match


  • 1: The final score was 6-3. Zach Starr with 6, Suspect with 3.
  • 2: The first man to pin someone will become the first champion, All title changes do count. The belt will officially be considered retired at the end of those ten minutes.
  • 3: Raven's opponent in this match was chosen by Tyson's father, Richard. Richard would not allow Raven to mind control his son and was granted a chance to select someone to fight Raven at this event. Matt Eichorn was his choice, Eichorn did not want to but was not given a choice by management.