New-NAW Hardcore Impulse II
Tagline(s) "Oh yes, there will be blood!"
Promotion New-NAW
Date 2016
Venue Wells Fargo Center
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Theme Song
Last Event New-NAW Anarchy II: The New Beginning
Next Event TBA

New-NAW Hardcore Impulse II is the twelfth pay per view under the New-NAW banner. It is the second show of the New-NAW season and the second Pay Per View of Season 2. The gimmick of the event has every match contested under a special match type. The main event is Norm "The Storm" Dailey challenging Zach Starr for the New-NAW World Championship, who earned the title shot after winning One Survivor 2015. He would use that opportunity to name Tyler King the Special Ref of this match and Danny Jackpot would not be allowed to remove the stipulation per Board of New-NAW.

Also in this match will be Steven Raden defending his ACWL World Heavyweight Championship against Biff Andreas and Andrew Liana in a TLC Match.

And in a third main event for this evening, CAW Legend and Veterans Danny Jackpot and Shawn Dynasty feud continues as they move towards a Hardcore Match. Will this finally end the war these two have started at New-NAW The Final Chapter that has yet to be settled over Danny's stubbornness to let it go.

# Results Stipulations
1 Joe Omega (c) vs Butch Simpson vs Dale Von Deuce vs Marcus Matrix New-NAW Intercontinental Championship: Steel Cage Match
2 The Goodfellas (Sebastian Murphy & Hugo Sullivan) vs Breaking Bad (Walter White & Jesse Pinkman) Elimination Tables Match
3 Danny Jackpot vs Shawn Dynasty Hardcore Grudge Match
4 Zach Starr (c) vs Norm "The Storm" Dailey New-NAW World Championship (Special Guest Referee: Tyler King)
5 Damage Gauge (c) vs Lariats & Uppercuts (Larry It & Cesaro) New-NAW Tag Team Championship: 2 out of 3 falls
Main Steven Raden (c) vs Biff Andreas vs Andrew Liana Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the ACWL World Heavyweight Championship