New-NAW Intercontinental Championship
Current champion(s) Joe Omega
Date Won December 7, 2015
League New-NAW
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Introduced June 24, 2012
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First Champion Tyler King
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Longest Reign Joe Omega (284+ Days)
Shortest Reign Monty Brown (35 Days)
Heaviest Champion Monty Brown (265 lbs.)
Lightest Champion Steven Raden (187 lbs.)
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The New-NAW Intercontinental Championship is the midcard championship in New-NAW. It would debut at the last show under the T.Y.S.O.N brand name and would then immediately have a name change. The first champion is Tyler King who won the title after winning a 12 Man Battle Royal at T.Y.S.O.N (31) Reckless Rebirth. The current champion is Joe Omega, who won the vacant championship in a battle royal at New-NAW Anarchy II: The New Beginning.

Omega Champion

Title History

Wrestler Times Date Days Held Event Notes
Tyler King 1 June 24, 2012 213 T.Y.S.O.N (31) Reckless Rebirth Last Eliminated Garet Shetty in 12 Man Battle Royal; Title would be renamed to New-NAW Intercontinental Championship during reign.
The Suspect 1 Janury 23, 2013 68 New-NAW Velocity 7 Defeated Tyler King, The Crippler, & Garet Shetty in a 4 Way Dance.
Zach Starr 1 April 1, 2013 73 New-NAW Hardcore Impulse Defeated The Suspect 6-3 in a 10 Minute Iron Man Match.
The Crippler 1 June 13, 2013 218 New-NAW New Found Glory Defeated Zach Starr in a Ladder Match.
Monty Brown 1 January 17, 2014 35 New-NAW Wrestlefest (Day 1) Defeated The Crippler & Shelton Benjamin in a Triple Threat Match.
Norm "The Storm" Dailey 1 February 21, 2014 N/A New-NAW Aggression
Link 1 ???? ???? New-NAW Velocity 52
Steven Raden 1 April 21, 2015 N/A New-NAW Mayhem 21
Cesaro 1 ???? ???? New-NAW Velocity 71
Title vacated after Cesaro was sidelined with a shoulder injury.
Joe Omega 1 December 7, 2015 838 New-NAW Anarchy II: The New Beginning Won the vacant championship in a battle royal.