New Found Glory
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Promotion New-NAW
Date June 13th, 2013
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Last Event New-NAW Caught in the Crossfire
Next Event New-NAW All Or Nothing

New-NAW New Found Glory is the fourth pay per view under the New-NAW banner. It's a tribute to the PPV of the same name from New Age Wrestling. The main event was decided on NAW's last Pay Per View when Monty Brown defeated The Big Show to earn the right to challenge Biff Andreas for the World Championship.

  • Note that this show is the only New-NAW Pay Per View history that is no longer available for rewatching due to it being accidently removed off youtube and the backup files going corrupt.
# Results Stipulations
Pre Slag def Garet Shetty Singles Match
1 Drew McIntyre def Heath Slater (c) New-NAW Hardcore Championship
2 Ravens Flock (Raven & Stevie Richards) def The Groovy Molester & Butch Polebag Tag Team Match
3 The Big Show def Tyler King Singles Match
4 Steven Raden & Andrew Liana (c) def The Crusade (Norm Dailey & Joe Omega) New-NAW Tag Team Championship
5 Matt Eichorn def Larry It Singles Match
6 The Crippler def Zach Starr (c) Ladder Match for the New-NAW Intercontinental Championship
Main Biff Andreas (c) def Monty Brown New-NAW World Championship


  • 1: Post-Match Hardcore Madness (In Order): Butch Polebag, Steven Raden, Derek The V Extreme, Drew McIntyre
  • 2: The winners of this match will go to challenge for the New-NAW Tag Team Championship at New-NAW All Or Nothing.
  • 5: Matt Eichorn attacked Larry It during the Pre-Show, Larry It still competed with injuries.
  • 6: If The Crippler were to lose, He would not have received another shot at the title as long as Zach Starr was champion.



Drew McIntyre sending former partner Heath Slater through a table.


Raven's Flock was victorious and became #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles


The Big Show triumphed over Tyler King in a much needed grudge match.


Steven Raden & Andrew Liana stopped The Crusade's chance at Title Gold.


Matt Eichorn delivers a UnHawaiian Nightmare to Larry It, who was attacked earlier in the show.


The Crippler climbs the ladder finally and defeats Zach Starr for the Intercontinental Championship.


Fight For Respect, Biff Andreas & Monty Brown exhausted after a two count; leading to Andreas retaining by pinfall later on.