About Tournament

The first singles tournament since New-NAW would open up. The One Survivor Tournament is a 16 man tournament where the winner will receive a Championship opportunity at any desired Championship in New-NAW with prior notice to the match. They will have the chance to use it for the rest of the season. This to date is the only One Survivor Tournament to not take place on its own event.


Tyler King, The One Survivor Tournament Winner

Shows Featuring The Tournament

The following shows all featured part of the One Survivor Tournament.

  • New-NAW Mayhem Episode 2
  • New-NAW Mayhem Episode 3
  • New-NAW Mayhem Episode 4
  • New-NAW Mayhem Episode 5
  • New-NAW Hardcore Impulse


First Round

Tyson def Stevie Richards (Mayhem 2) [Pin]
The Crippler def Steven Raden (Mayhem 2) [Pin]
Andrew Liana def Larry It (Mayhem 2) [Pin]
Raven def Biff Andreas (Mayhem 2) [Pin]
Zach Starr def Butch Polebag (Tag Team Champion) (Mayhem 3) [Submission]
The Suspect (Intercontinental Champion) def Matt Eichorn (Mayhem 3) [Count Out]
Tyler King def The Groovy Molester (Tag Team Champion) (Mayhem 3) [Pin]
The Big Show (World Champion) def Garet Shetty (Mayhem 3) [Pin]

Quarter Finals

The Crippler def Tyson (Mayhem 4) [Pin]
Andrew Liana def Raven (Mayhem 4) [Pin]
Zach Starr def The Suspect (Mayhem 4) [Pin]
Tyler King def The Big Show (Mayhem 4) [Pin]

Semi Finals

The Crippler def Andrew Liana (Mayhem 5) [Pin]
Tyler King def Zach Starr (Mayhem 5) [Pin]


Tyler King def The Crippler (New-NAW Hardcore Impulse) [Pin]

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