About Tournament

The third official One Survivor Tournament since New-NAW would open up. Like the previous tournament, the event holds 16 different competitors with the winner receiving a guaranteed World Title shot anytime they want. The competitors are exclusively New-NAW superstars and the World Champion, Daniel Morgan from New-NAW's developmental brand The ITF.

Tournament Production

The tournament took place on two different days. The first round occurred on Day 1, while the Quarter, Semi, and Final Rounds all happened on Day 2. Unlike years prior, the rules state that the winner of the One Survivor 2015 Tournament may choose whether they want a New-NAW World Title shot, or an ACWL World Heavyweight Title shot. The tournament this year also included a bonus match between The Bloodline (Danny Jackpot, Zach Starr, and Biff Andreas) taking on the ACWL World Champion Steven Raden, Tyler King, and the returning Javori Smart.


First Round

Dale Von Deuce def. Walter White
That Sports Guy def. Jack Swagger
Sebastian Murphy def. Joe Omega
Norm "The Storm" Dailey def. Daniel Morgan
Alex Striker def. Butch Polebag*
Andrew Liana def. Monty Brown
Shawn Dynasty def. Hector Frost
Jack Toss def Drew McIntyre

Quarter Finals

Dale Von Deuce def. Alex Striker
Norm "The Storm" Dailey def. Sebastian Murphy
Andrew Liana def. That Sports Guy
Shawn Dynasty def. Jack Toss

Semi Finals

Norm "The Storm" Dailey def. Dale Von Deuce
Andrew Liana def. Shawn Dynasty

Bonus Match

# Results Stipulations
1 Steven Raden, Tyler King, and Javori Smart def. The Bloodline (Danny Jackpot, Zach Starr, and Biff Andreas) 6 Man Tag Match


Norm "The Storm" Dailey def. Andrew Liana*


  • After the Alex Striker vs Butch Polebag match in the First Round, Sunny Meadows walked away from Butch, indicating a team breakup. An angered Butch Polebag then attacked Sunny, smashing head against the metal ring pole with his boot.
  • Before Day 2 started, Butch Polebag in a new cowboy attire was interviewed by Ricardo Rodriguez backstage on why he attacked Sunny Meadows on Day 1. He explains that he was holding him back, and that he has the freedom to be himself, "Butch Simpson".
  • After the finals, the New-NAW World Champion, Zach Starr attacked Norm "The Storm" Dailey with his title belt shortly after he won the One Survivor tournament. Danny Jackpot would come out to say that he's changing the rules of the tournament so Norm couldn't choose when he could use his title shot, but he could pick the match type if he wants.

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