Cruiserweight Extravaganza
Promotion New-NAW
Date May 17th, 2015
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Last Event New-NAW Vendetta
Next Event New-NAW Countdown

New-NAW Presents Cruiserweight Extravaganza is the first pay per view held by New-NAW as part of their side special attraction pay per views.. It's the second event produced by New-NAW with an original name, differing from the use of NAW's past names. The event was a tournament featuring New-NAW talent and some top Cruiserweight talent from around the nation.

The list of competitors

  • Shelton Benjamin (New-NAW)
  • Larry It (New-NAW)
  • Jesse Pinkman (New-NAW)
  • Amarillo (New-NAW)
  • Movado (New-NAW)
  • AJ Styles (Debuting Superstar)
  • Petey Williams (Guest)
  • Tyler Breeze (Debuting Superstar)

Quarter Finals

# Results Round
1 Shelton Benjamin def Petey Williams Round 1
2 Tyler Breeze def Movado Round 2
3 AJ Styles def Jesse Pinkman Round 3
4 Amarillo def Larry It Round 4


# Results Round
1 Shelton Benjamin def Tyler Breeze Round 5
2 AJ Styles def Amarillo Round 6

Unaired 15 Minute Intermission


# Results Round
1 Shelton Benjamin def AJ Styles Round 7, No Disqualification Rules, New-NAW Cruiserweight Championship