New-NAW Tag Team Championship


Data Status
Name New-NAW Tag Team Championship
Current Champions Damage Gauge
Date Won
League New-NAW

The New-NAW Tag Team Championship was first introduced back T.Y.S.O.N #25 and below is the T.Y.S.O.N Tag Team Championship Tournament brackets to decide the first Tag Team Champions. All four teams were put together at random due to singles titles only being in T.Y.S.O.N at the time. The winners of the tournament and first champions were Simon Dean and Sunny Meadows who defeated Butch Polebag and Garet Shetty in the finals. The league and belts would be renamed and become the New-NAW Tag Team Championship. The current Tag Team Champions are Matt Eichorn and The Suspect of the Damage Gauge, who defeated Breaking Bad at New-NAW Anarchy II: The New Beginning to win the championships.


  • Brackets for the first ever New-NAW Tag Team Title Tournament

  • List of Teams

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Simon Dean (1) & Sunny Meadows (1) 1 Defeated Butch Polebag & Garet Shetty in finals of 4 Man Tag Tournament on T.Y.S.O.N #25.
Suspect (1) & Norm "The Storm" Dailey (1) 1 Defeated Simon Dean & The Groovy Molester on T.Y.S.O.N #28.
Andrew Liana (1) & Steven Raden (1) 1 Defeated Suspect & Norm "The Storm" Dailey on T.Y.S.O.N (31) Reckless Rebirth, Title renamed to New-NAW Tag Team Championship during reign.
Butch Polebag (1) & Sunny Meadows (2) 1 Defeated Andrew Liana & Steven Raden on New-NAW Velocity 4.
Andrew Liana (2) & Steven Raden (2) 2 Defeated Butch Polebag & The Groovy Molester, The Flock, and 3MB in a 4-team Battle Royal at New-NAW Caught in the Crossfire
Funky Cool
Brodus Clay (1) & Rikishi (1)
1 Defeated Steven Raden & Andrew Liana on WEDF Flame 6-19-2013 as members of the WEDF Roster.
Vacated 12/10/2013 when New-NAW returns, The titles were vacated as Funky Cool were not a part of the NAW roster.
The Real Americans
Jack Swagger (1) & Antonio Cesaro (1)
1 Defeated The Crusade (Norm Dailey & Joe Omega) on New-NAW Wrestlefest (Day 3).
Joe Omega (1) & Larry It (1) 1 Defeated The Real Americans on New-NAW Aggression.
Breaking Bad
Walter White (1) & Jesse Pinkman (1)
1 Defeated Larry It & Joe Omega on New-NAW Countdown.
Andrew Liana (3) & Steven Raden (3) 3 Defeated Breaking Bad on New-NAW Velocity 67.
Breaking Bad
Walter White (2) & Jesse Pinkman (2)
2 Defeated Andrew Liana & Steven Raden on New-NAW Velocity 70.
Damage Gauge
Matt Eichorn (1) & The Suspect (2)
1 Defeated Breaking Bad at New-NAW Anarchy II: The New Beginning.

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