The Final Chapter
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Promotion New-NAW
Date October 18th, 2015
Theme Song "Champion in Me" by 3 Doors Down
Last Event New-NAW Countdown
Next Event New-NAW Anarchy II: The New Beginning

The Final Chapter is the tenth pay per view under the New-NAW banner. It is the final show of the New-NAW season and tenth Pay Per View of Season 1. It is considered to be New-NAW's flagship supercard, much like WrestleMania, RassleMania, or ZOMG-A-Mania.

# Results Stipulations
1 Tyler King def. Danny Jackpot Winner challenges Zach Starr in the Main Event
2 Shelton Benjamin (c) def. Alex Striker New-NAW Cruiserweight Championship
3 Breaking Bad (Walter White & Jesse Pinkman) (c) def. Butch Polebag & Sunny Meadows New-NAW Tag Team Championship
4 The Omega Lariats (Larry It & Joe Omega) def. The Crusade (Norm "The Storm Dailey & Hector Frost) Tornado Tag Team Elimination Match; If The Crusade loses, they must disband.
5 Terry Legdrop wins Battle Royal New-NAW Hardcore Championship, Over the Top Battle Royal
6 Cesaro (c) def. Andrew Liana and Jack Swagger New-NAW Intercontinental Championship
7 The Suspect def. Drew McIntyre Singles Match
8 Biff Andreas (c) def. Shawn Dynasty vs Steven Raden ACWL World Heavyweight Championship; If Biff Andreas loses, he will be removed from The Bloodline.
Main Zach Starr (c) def. Tyler King New-NAW World Championship


  • 4. Norm "The Storm" Dailey attacks Hector Frost after the match.
  • 5. That Sports Guy regains the Hardcore Championship using the 24/7 rule.
  • 7. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal attack The Suspect after the match, and Matt Eichorn returns to save him.
  • 8. Danny Jackpot attacks Shawn Dynasty in the middle of the match, rendering him incapable of finishing the match.
  • Main Event: At the end of the match, Biff Andreas and Zach Starr attempt to injure Tyler King, but Steven Raden saves him.
    • Shawn Dynasty attacks Danny Jackpot in the parking lot to conclude the event.