The Last Hoorah
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Promotion New-NAW
Date October 8th, 2014
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Last Event New-NAW Aggression
Next Event New-NAW Vendetta

This event was a mini-CPV created for New-NAW, and it was the first to be completely booked by co-writer Biff Andreas. The original storyline heading for the event New-NAW The Final Chapter would have had World Champion Tyler King defending his title against the superstar Biff Andreas. This was unable to happen due to internet troubles with co-writer Danny Jackpot. The main event of this show features the match that couldn't happen under normal circumstances. This event at the time was considered to be New-NAW's last show.

The opener features the two best tag teams in New-NAW's developmental territory battling for the FNW Tag Team Championships, and the Link vs Waluigi match features two former ACWL World Champions under the original NAW brand in an exhibition.

The second to last bout features the leader of a band of anti original NAW superstars, Norm "The Storm" Dailey, facing off against multiple time NAW World Champion, and legend in his own right, Larry It.

The Card

# Results Stipulations
1 Breaking Bad def Demar Thomas and Jacob Marley (c) (New Champions) FNW Tag Team Championship
2 Link def Waluigi Singles Match
3 Norm Dailey def Larry It Grudge Match
Main Event Tyler King def Biff Andreas Singles Match for the New-NAW World Championship