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Tagline(s) "I Got a Sick Vendetta"
Promotion New-NAW
Date Mid April 2015
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Last Event New-NAW The Last Hoorah
Next Event New-NAW Presents Cruiserweight Extravaganza

New-NAW Vendetta is the eigth pay per view under the New-NAW banner. It's a tribute to the PPV of the same name from New Age Wrestling. The two contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship earned the right with wins at New-NAW Aggression.

The matches on the card include tag team champions Larry It and Joe Omega defending their gold against Crusade members, Hector Frost and Tony Cole. The bout came together after Larry It & Joe Omega came up short in a Earn Your Spot battle royal, where the final two eliminated earned Tag Title shots against then champions The Real Americans. Joe Omega would turn face after they defended their gold for the first time, leaving the Crusade.

The final step in the feud of Damage Gauge original members The Suspect & Matt Eichorn will also be decided as the loser of their match will leave New-NAW. The original plan had Suspect facing Drew McIntyre, in a grudge match from the One Survivor Tournament 2014, but management decided to construct a Loser Leaves Town match in its place.

# Results Stipulations
1 Breaking Bad def The Nuevo Conquistadors Tag Team Match
2 Shelton Benjamin (c) def That Sports Guy, The Joker and Sub Zero New-NAW Hardcore Championship
3 Zach Starr def Drew McIntyre One Survivor Tournament 2014 Title Shot on the Line
4 Steven Raden w/ Andrew Liana def Biff Andreas Singles Match
5 The Suspect def Matt Eichorn Loser Leaves New-NAW
6 Cesaro def Monty Brown Strength vs Strength; Singles Match
7 Larry It & Joe Omega (c) def The Crusade (Hector Frost & Tony Cole) New-NAW Tag Team Championship
8 Link (c) def Norm Dailey New-NAW Intercontinental Championship
9 Tyler King (c) def Shawn Dynasty vs Danny Jackpot Triple Threat Match for the New-NAW World Championship
10 Zach Starr def Tyler King (c) Singles Match for the New-NAW World Championship


  • Match 2: That Sports Guy used the 24/7 rule to take advantage of the weakened Shelton Benjamin and score a pinfall victory and win the Hardcore Title.
  • Match 8: The Crusade attacked Link after defending his championship against Norm Dailey.
  • Match 10: After Tyler King successfully defended his championship in the main event, Danny Jackpot attacked him giving Zach Starr the opportunity to cash in his One Survivor Tournament 2014 title opportunity.