New-NAW World Championship
Current champion(s) Zach Starr
Date Won April 14, 2015
League New-NAW
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Introduced 2012
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Most reigns Biff Andreas (2)
First Champion Road Dogg
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Longest Reign Zach Starr (519 Days)
Shortest Reign Road Dogg Jesse James (32 Days)
Heaviest Champion The Big Show (500 lbs)
Lightest Champion Zach Starr (195 lbs)
Other Name(s) T.Y.S.O.N World Championship
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The New-NAW World Championship is the highest title in New-NAW. The first champion was Road Dogg Jesse James who was officially deemed the first World Heavyweight Champion on T.Y.S.O.N #26. The current champion is Zach Starr who cashed in his title opportunity he earned by winning the One Survivor 2014 Tournament at New-NAW Vendetta after Danny Jackpot attacked then champion Tyler King at the end of the main event.

The belt was officially named the T.Y.S.O.N World Championship on T.Y.S.O.N #26 lasting until #31. Then afterwards it became the New-NAW World Championship. New-NAW would continue the World Championship reigns off the T.Y.S.O.N Hardcore Championship as it was the only title in T.Y.S.O.N at the time.

Wrestler Times Date Days Held Event Notes
"Road Dogg" Jesse James 1 May 23, 2012 32 T.Y.S.O.N #19 Defeated Simon Dean; Officially named World Champion on #T.Y.S.O.N 26.
Biff Andreas 1 June 24, 2012 213 T.Y.S.O.N (31) Reckless Rebirth Defeated Road Dogg on; Belt renamed New-NAW Championship during reign.
The Big Show 1 January 23, 2013 68 New-NAW Velocity 7
Biff Andreas 2 April 1, 2013 103 New-NAW Hardcore Impulse Defeated The Big Show and Larry It in a Ladder Match for the championship.
Matt Eichorn 1 July 13, 2013 201 New-NAW All Or Nothing
Tyler King 1 January 30, 2014 74 New-NAW Wrestlefest (Day 3) Defeated Matt Eichorn, Shawn Dynasty, Biff Andreas, Larry It, & Zach Starr in an Elimination Chamber Match.
Zach Starr 1 April 14, 2015 1042 New-NAW Vendetta Defeated Tyler King after cashing in his One Survivor 2014 title opportunity.

List of combined reigns

As of March 23, 2018

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1. Zack Starr 1 1074+
2. Biff Andreas 2 316
3. Matt Eichorn 1 201
4. Tyler King 1 74
5. The Big Show 1 68
6. "Road Dogg" Jesse James 1 32

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