Night of Champions
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Promotion New-WWE, NAW
Date February 3rd, 2010
Venue TBA
City TBA
Theme Song  ???
Last Event New-WWE Breaking Point, NAW Reckless Rebirth
Next Event New-WWE Extreme Rules, NAW Presents CAW Battlefield

New-WWE/NAW Night of Champions was the third cross-promotional event between New-WWE and New Age Wrestling. Like it's real life counterpart, Night of Champions is an event where every title in New-WWE and NAW are defended.

# Results Stipulations Brand
1 Brent Harvanator def. Damar (C) Singles Match for the New-WWE Hardcore Championship ECW
2 El Jefe (c) def. The Miz Singles Match for the New-WWE United States Championship Raw
3 Raven's Flock (c) def. Ken Kennedy & Larry It Extreme Rules Tornado Tag Match for the NAW Tornado Tag Team Championship NAW
4 Phil Collins def. Mr. Mac (c) Singles Match for the ECW Championship ECW
5 Yuna (c) def. Miley Cyrus Singles Match for the New-WWE Divas Championship Smackdown
6 William Regal & JBL def. Jeff Jarrett & Raven (c) Tag Match for the Unified Tag Team Championship Interpromotional
7 Danny Jackpot def. Master Bubu (c) Steel Cage Match for the New-WWE Intercontinental Championship Smackdown
8 Spriter & Raven def. Pornoman (c) Handicap Match for the NAW Intercontinental Championship NAW
9 Maria Lopez (c) def. Barbra Streisand Extreme Rules Match for the New-WWE Women's Championship Raw
10 Bret Hart def. Bret Michaels (c) and Shawn Michaels Triple Threat match for the NAW World Heavyweight Championship NAW
11 Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales def. TRS (c) (Disqualification, TRS retains) Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship and "ACWL" World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
12 Dorf Liggleton (c) def. Chris Johansen Singles Match for the New-WWE Championship Raw


  • 8. Spriter scored the pinfall, earning himself the title.
  • 11. TRS lost via DQ after Frederick James Francis ran out and assaulted Gonzales with a pipe. This lead to a brutal attack on Gonzales by TRS, and ended with Gonzales being taken away on a stretcher.