Royal Rumble
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Promotion New-WWE, NAW
Date October 25th, 2011
Theme Song
Last Event New-WWE TLC 3
Next Event New-WWE Elimination Chamber 3

The third interpromotional Royal Rumble featuring New-WWE and NAW, and the fifth in New-WWE history.

For NAW, this event features the matches that were originally scheduled to be on NAW All or Nothing II. The All or Nothing event was scrapped and the matches were moved to Royal Rumble due to time constraints.

# Results Stipulations Brand
Pre Spacecore Holly is the winner Winner receives a NAW Contract. NAW
1 Kofi Kingston & Javori Smart def. CM Punk & The Miz (c) Tag Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship Raw
2 Evan O'Shea (c) def. Link NAW Television Championship NAW
3 Steven Raden and Andrew Liana def. Shadow The Hedgehog & Guile NAW Tornado Tag Team Championship NAW
4 The Crippler def. Steven Spriter Singles Match NAW
5 Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) def. Maria Lopez (c) Handicap Match for the Divas Championship N/A
6 Matt Eichorn def. Biff Andreas (c) NAW Intercontinental Championship NAW
7 Jack Swagger def. Dolph Ziggler (c) and Alex Riley Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship Smackdown
8 Shawn Dynasty def. Allan Caesar III (c) ACWL World Heavyweight Championship, Special Ref: Pornoman NAW
9 Caylen Rogers (c) def. John Morrison Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
10 Sub Zero def. Larry It (c) and Waluigi NAW World Heavyweight Championship NAW
10-2 Chris Johansen def. Sub Zero (c) NAW World Heavyweight Championship NAW
11 Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales def. Dorf Liggleton (c) Singles Match for the WWE Championship Raw
12 Cody Rhodes is the winner Royal Rumble Match Interpromotional


  • 3. Chris Johansen and Oshujax no-showed. Liana and Raden were their replacements.
  • 8. Halfway through the match, Pornoman left and Bret Michaels replaced him as the referee.
  • 9. Dolph Ziggler assaulted Morrison during Caylen's entrance, and re-emerged at the end of the match while the referee was unconscious, giving a chair to Caylen. Caylen hit Morrison with the chair and pinned him to retain the championship.
  • 10. Johansen cashed in his Contract in the Case.

Royal Rumble Statistics

Draw Entrant Brand eliminations order Eliminated by
1 Edge Smackdown 0 2 Johansen
2 Danny Jackpot Smackdown 0 6 Bret Hart
3 The Miz Raw 1 9 Orton
4 Sheamus Raw 1 3 The Miz
5 Chris Johansen NAW/Smackdown 3 10 Orton and Ziggler
6 Steven Spriter NAW 0 1 Sheamus
7 Shawn Michaels Guest 1 5 Johansen
8 Allan Caesar III NAW 0 4 HBK
9 Bret Hart Guest 1 13 Orton and R-Truth
10 Fred Durst Guest 0 7 Johansen
11 Christopher Cauckel Smackdown 0 8 Orton
12 Randy Orton Smackdown 8 18 Belmont
13 Dolph Ziggler Smackdown 1 12 Harvanator
14 R-Truth Smackdown 1 14 Orton and Harvanator
15 Brent Harvanator Smackdown 3 15 Orton
16 Alberto Del Rio Smackdown 0 11 Harvanator
17 TRS Raw 0 16 Orton
18 Belmont Raw 1 19 Oshujax
19 CM Punk Raw 0 17 Orton
20 Ted DiBiase Raw 0 21 Oshujax
21 Oshujax NAW 3 22 Eichorn
22 The Crippler NAW 0 20 Oshujax
23 Matt Eichorn NAW 1 25 Rhodes
24 Evan O'Shea NAW 1 24 Andreas
25 Shawn Dynasty NAW 0 23 O'Shea
26 Biff Andreas NAW 2 29 Rhodes
27 Cody Rhodes Raw 4 N/A WINNER
28 Javori Smart Raw 0 27 Andreas
29 Zach Starr Raw 0 26 Rhodes
30 John Cena Raw 0 28 Rhodes

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