WrestleMania VIII
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Promotion New-WWE, NAW
Date December 24th, 2011 - December 25th, 2011
Venue Georgia Dome
City Atlanta, Georgia
Theme Song "Wonderman" by Tinie Tempah ft. Ellie Goulding
Last Event New-WWE Elimination Chamber 3
Next Event New-WWE Backlash 6

New-WWE WrestleMania VIII is the tenth 'Mania event in New-WWE history, the eighth under the WrestleMania name, and was the fifth to be made in CAW form. It is also the season finale event of the fifth season of New-WWE. It was also the first New-WWE WrestleMania event to be recorded on WWE '12.

# Results Stipulations Brand
Pre-Show Jack Swagger (c) def. The Wingmaster Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship Raw
1 Evan Bourne def. Justin Gabriel (c), Ted DiBiase, and Zach Starr Fatal Four Way Match for the United States Championship Smackdown
2 Biff Andreas def. Shawn Dynasty (c) Singles Match for the ACWL World Heavyweight Championship NAW
3 Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison Singles Match Smackdown
4 PORNOMAN def. Link Singles Match NAW
5 Christopher Cauckel and R-Truth def. Javori Smart and Kofi Kingston (c) Tag Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship Raw
6 The Crippler def. Steven Santos Mask vs Career NAW
7 Sheamus def. TRS Singles Match Raw
8 Alberto Del Rio def. Brent Harvanator Singles Match Brand Interpromotional
9 Evan O'Shea (c) def. Nick Cardio Coach Singles Match for the NAW Television Championship NAW
10 Cody Rhodes def. Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales (c) Singles Match for the WWE Championship Raw
11 CM Punk def. The Miz Singles Match Raw
12 Michelle McCool (c) w/ Layla def. Maria Lopez Singles Match for the Divas Championship N/A
13 Andrew Liana and Steven Raden (c) def. Master Bubu and Cleatus Tumbleweed Tornado Tag Match for the NAW Tornado Tag Team Championship NAW
14 Randy Orton def. Edge, Danny Jackpot, and Caylen Rogers (c) Four Way Elimination Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Brand Interpromotional
15 Chris Johansen (c) def. Larry It Singles Match for the NAW World Heavyweight Championship NAW
16 John Cena def. Dorf Liggleton Singles Match Raw
Extra Bret Michaels def. Allan Caesar III 15 Minute Ironman Match NAW


  • An original planned match for this event was Matt Eichorn defending the NAW Intercontinental Championship against Oshujax, Due to the match not being recorded in time, The match never took place with no explanation ever being given on the actual show. The Michaels/Caesar match nearly suffered the same fate for the same reason, but was sent at the last minute, resulting in it being uploaded after what was supposed to be the true final match (Cena/Liggleton); hence why it's labeled as an "extra match" on the card listing above.

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