Bragging Rights
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Promotion New-WWE
Date March 2nd, 2010
Venue Wachovia Center
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Last Event New-WWE The Bash
Next Event New-WWE/RAWR Summerslam

Bragging Rights was a New-WWE CPV that pits the Raw and Smackdown brands against one another.

# Results Stipulations Brand
1 Barbra Streisand (c) def. Maria Lopez Singles Match for the Women's Championship Raw
2 CM Punk def. Master Bubu Singles Match (If Bubu wins, Punk must leave Smackdown. If Punk wins, Bubu must accept Punk as his savior) Smackdown
3 Danny Jackpot def. El Jefe Champion vs Champion (Non-Title) Interpromotional
4 Pam def. Janice Miller (C) Singles Match for the Divas Championship Smackdown
5 Randy Orton (c) def. The Miz Singles Match for the WWE Championship Raw
6 Edge (c) def. John Cena Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
Main Team Smackdown (Frederick James Francis, TRS, & Mr. MITB) def. Team Raw (Bret Michaels, Phil Collins, & The Wingmaster) Team Raw vs Team Smackdown Interpromotional