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Cyber Sunday
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Promotion New-WWE
Date May 18th, 2010
Theme Song
Last Event New-WWE Backlash
Next Event New-WWE Judgment Day

Cyber Sunday had it's second CPV event in New-WWE history.

The CardEdit

# Results Stipulations Brand
1 Larry It (c) def. Dylan Connell and The Miz Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship Raw
2 CAW All The Time (c) def. Evan Scottland & Foghorn Sanders Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship Raw
3 Janice Miller (c) def. Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way Singles Match for the Women's Championship Smackdown
4 Kage def. Caylen Rogers (C) Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship Smackdown
5 Pam (c) def. The Woman in the Red Dress Singles Match for the Divas Championship Raw
6 Chris Johansen def. El Jefe (C) Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
7 TRS def. Danny Jackpot (C) Singles Match for the WWE Championship Raw

Poll Results Edit

United States Championship:

Choice Votes Standings
Dylan Connell & Matt Metamorphis 5 2nd
Dylan Connell & The Miz 17 WINNER
The Miz & Matt Metamorphis 3 3rd

World Tag Team Championship:

Choice Votes Standings
Evan Scottland and Foghorn Sanders 14 WINNER
Brent Harvanator and Will Cereal 6 2nd

Women's Championship:

Choice Votes Standings
Maria Lopez 2 4th
Miley Cyrus 3 3rd
Maryse 5 2nd
Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way 15 WINNER

Divas Championship:

Choice Votes Standings
The Woman in the Red Dress 11 WINNER
Miranda Cosgrove 6 2nd
Marie Shandra 5 3rd

Intercontinental Championship:

Choice Votes Standings
Javori Smart 5 3rd (Tied)
Phil Collins 7 2nd
Master Bubu 5 3rd (Tied)

WWE Championship:

Choice Votes Standings
Bret Michaels 9 2nd
John Morrison 1 3rd (Tied)
Edge 1 3rd (Tied)

World Heavyweight Championship:

Choice Votes Standings
Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales 9 2nd
Chris Johansen 11 WINNER
Dorf Liggleton 1 4th
CM Punk 5 3rd

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