Cyber Sunday
New-WWE Cyber Sunday 3
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Promotion New-WWE
Date July 7th, 2011
Theme Song
Last Event New-WWE Judgment Day 5
Next Event New-WWE Extreme Rules 4

Cyber Sunday had it's third CPV event in New-WWE history.

The Card

# Results Stipulations Brand
1 Lemarcus Carter def. Ted DiBiase (c) Singles Match for the United States Championship Raw
2 Alberto Del Rio def. Brent Harvanator Number One Contender's Match (World Heavyweight Championship) Smackdown
3 Danny Jackpot def. Javori Smart (c) Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship Smackdown
4 Pam (c) def. Maria Lopez Singles Match for the Divas Championship N/A
5 Dorf Liggleton def. Zach Starr Number One Contender's Match (WWE Championship) Raw
6 Caylen Rogers def. Randy Orton (c) No Disqualification Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
7 Chris Jericho def. John Cena (c) Submission Match for the WWE Championship Raw


  • 2 and 5. Matches feature the runners up from the WWE and World Heavyweight title challenger polls.
  • 5. TRS and Dorf Liggleton received the same amount of votes (5); Liggleton was chosen over TRS due to Liggleton receiving his fifth vote before TRS did.
  • 6. Drew McIntyre interfered and attacked Randy Orton
  • 7. Vince Russo came out and told the ref to ring the bell while Cena was in a submission, resulting in Jericho winning.

Poll Results

WWE Championship (Challenger):

Choice Votes Standings
TRS 11.64 (5 votes) 4th
Chris Jericho 55.81% (24 votes) 1st
Zach Starr 20.93% (9 votes) 2nd
Dorf Liggleton 11.64% (5 votes) 3rd

WWE Championship (Stipulation):

Choice Votes Standings
Submission 51.16% (22 votes) 1st
Tables 16.28% (7 votes) 3rd
2/3 Falls 18.6% (8 votes) 2nd
Triple Threat 13.95% (6 votes) 4th

World Heavyweight Championship (Challenger):

Choice Votes Standings
Alberto Del Rio 13.95% (6 votes) 3rd
Brent Harvanator 25.58% (11 votes) 2nd
Caylen Rogers 51.16% (22 votes) 1st
The Miz 9.3% (4 votes) 4th

World Heavyweight Championship (Stipulation):

Choice Votes Standings
No Disqualification 53.49% (23 votes) 1st
Ladder 20.93% (9 votes) 2nd
Singles 9.3% (4 votes) 4th
Last Man Standing 16.28% (7 votes) 3rd

Intercontinental Championship (Challenger):

Choice Votes Standings
Wade Barrett 4.65% (2 votes) 3rd
Danny Jackpot 83.73% (36 votes) 1st
Evan Bourne 11.63% (5 votes) 2nd
Dolph Ziggler 0% (0 votes) 4th

United States Championship (Challenger):

Choice Votes Standings
Belmont 2.33% (1 vote) 4th
Lemarcus Carter 76.74% (33 votes) 1st
Connor Wine 4.65% (2 votes) 3rd
Kofi Kingston 16.28% (7 votes) 2nd

Divas Championship (Challenger):

Choice Votes Standings
Lillith Miller 16.28% (7 votes) 2nd
Michelle McCool 6.98% (3 votes) 4th
Maria Lopez 65.12% (28 votes) 1st
Maryse 11.63% (5 votes) 3rd