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The New-WWE Draft is a process used by New-WWE to provide new brand competition and to refreshen its rosters. All of its drafts are conducted 100% by the Something CAWful forum (formerly on the SMF Forum) by its members.

The draft usually occurs in the weeks leading up to the season's WrestleMania event, and the effects take place following WrestleMania.

Season 2 Draft Results

Pick Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Raw Natalya Diva ECW
2 Raw The Miz Superstar ECW
3 Raw John Morrison Superstar ECW
4 Raw Jeff Hardy Superstar Smackdown
5 Raw Cody Rhodes Superstar Smackdown
6 Raw SBC Kozlov Superstar ECW
7 Raw Matt Hardy Superstar ECW
8 Raw Kage Superstar Smackdown
9 Smackdown Edge Superstar Raw
10 Smackdown Evan Bourne Superstar ECW
11 Smackdown John Cena Superstar Raw
12 Smackdown Beth Phoenix Diva Raw
13 Smackdown CM Punk Superstar Raw
14 Smackdown Primo Superstar ECW
15 Smackdown Eve Diva ECW
16 Smackdown Marie Shandra Diva Raw
17 Smackdown Maria Lopez Diva Raw
18 ECW Ezekiel Jackson Superstar Smackdown
19 ECW Kelly Kelly Diva Smackdown
20 ECW Melina Diva Raw
21 ECW Mr. MITB Superstar Smackdown
22 ECW Damar Superstar Smackdown
23 ECW Gunner Fatu Jr. Superstar Smackdown
24 ECW Lil Ham Superstar Raw

Season 3 Draft Results

Pick Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Raw Damar Superstar Smackdown
2 Raw CAW All The Time
(Mike and Andrew)
Tag Team Smackdown
3 Raw Jason Hawkinz Superstar Smackdown
4 Raw Lemarcus Carter Superstar Smackdown
5 Raw Edge Superstar Smackdown
6 Raw Jeff Winninger Superstar Smackdown
7 Raw TRS Superstar Smackdown
8 Smackdown Dorf Liggleton Superstar Raw
9 Smackdown Chris Jericho Superstar Raw
10 Smackdown Chris Johansen Superstar Raw
11 Smackdown Kage Superstar Raw
12 Smackdown Lil Ham Superstar Raw
13 Smackdown Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way Diva Raw
14 Smackdown Phil Collins Superstar Raw
15 Smackdown Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales Superstar Raw

Season 4 Draft Results

Pick Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Raw Chris Jericho Superstar Smackdown
2 Raw Chris Johansen Superstar Smackdown
3 Raw Kage Superstar Smackdown
4 Raw Matt Mayhem Superstar Smackdown
5 Raw CM Punk Superstar Smackdown
6 Raw Jack Swagger Superstar Smackdown
7 Smackdown Lemarcus Carter Superstar Raw
8 Smackdown The Cradle Shock
(Hannah Layla and Giant Guppy)
Tag Team Raw
9 Smackdown Maryse Diva Raw
10 Smackdown The Wingmaster Superstar Raw
11 Smackdown Jeff Winninger Superstar Raw

Season 5 Draft Results

Pick Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Raw Matt Morgan Superstar Smackdown
2 Raw Lemarcus Carter Superstar Smackdown
3 Raw Jeff Jarrett Superstar Smackdown
4 Raw TRS Superstar Smackdown
5 Raw Belmont Superstar Smackdown
6 Raw Zack Ryder Superstar Smackdown
7 Raw Justin Gabriel Superstar Smackdown
8 Raw Zach Starr Superstar Smackdown
9 Raw Kofi Kingston Superstar Smackdown
10 Smackdown Danny Jackpot Superstar Raw
11 Smackdown El Jefe Superstar Raw
12 Smackdown Drew McIntyre Superstar Raw
11 Smackdown Kage Superstar Raw
12 Smackdown Chris Johansen Superstar Raw
13 Smackdown Randy Orton Superstar Raw
14 Smackdown Christian Superstar Raw

Season 6 Draft Results

Pick Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Raw Alex Riley Superstar Smackdown
2 Raw Kage Superstar Smackdown
3 Raw World Heavyweight Champion Caylen Rogers Superstar Smackdown
4 Raw Alberto Del Rio Superstar Smackdown
5 Raw The Wingmaster Superstar Smackdown
6 Raw R-Truth Superstar Smackdown
7 Raw Jack Swagger Superstar Smackdown
8 Raw Christopher Cauckel Superstar Smackdown
9 Smackdown Zack Ryder Superstar Raw
10 Smackdown Zach Starr Superstar Raw
11 Smackdown William Regal Superstar Raw
12 Smackdown Ted DiBiase Superstar Raw
13 Smackdown United States Champion Justin Gabriel Superstar Raw
14 Smackdown Connor Wine Superstar Raw
15 Smackdown Belmont Superstar Raw
16 Smackdown Demar Thomas Superstar Raw
17 Smackdown David Otunga Superstar Raw
18 Raw Layla Diva Smackdown
19 Smackdown Pam Diva Raw


  • Starting with the Season 4 draft, a limit for the number of superstars who could be drafted was imposed.
  • Champions could be drafted starting with the Season 5 draft.

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