Elimination Chamber
Promotion New-WWE
Date February 1st, 2016
Venue Smoothie King Center
City New Orleans, LA
Theme Song "Coming For You" by The Offspring
Last Event New-WWE Royal Rumble 9
Next Event New-WWE Live 2K16

# Results Stipulations Brand
Pre-Show Ryback def. Tyson Kidd Singles Match Raw
1 Cesaro def. Athouse (c), Neville, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Zeus Tucker Elimination Chamber Match for the NXT Championship Smackdown
2 Sebastian Cruise and Chris Johansen (c) def. Kofi Kingston and Big E WWE Tag Team Championship Raw
3 Big Show def. Dean Ambrose Singles Match Raw
4 Tia Red (c) def. Paige WWE Divas Championship Raw
5 Biff Andreas def. John Cena (c) No Disqualification Match for the WWE United States Championship Raw
6 Danny Jackpot def. Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Jacob Cass, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan Elimination Chamber Match for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at WrestleMania Raw
7 Steven Raden def. Christopher Cauckel (Disqualification, Cauckel retains) WWE Intercontinental Championship Raw
8 Seth Rollins def. Zach Starr (c) WWE World Heavyweight Championship Raw


  • 2. Connor Wine and a debuting Dietrich ambushed Johansen and Cruise following the match.
  • 4. Tia Red was assaulted by Sasha Banks and Athena Snow after winning the match. Later, Maria Lopez joined in on the attack, aiding Athena and Sasha.
  • 5. Brock Lesnar interfered on Andreas' behalf and helped him win the match.
  • 7. Belmont interrupted the match and attacked Raden, causing a disqualification. Andrew Liana evened the odds and caused Cauckel and Belmont to retreat.
  • 7-2. TRS returned and confronted Biff Andreas backstage

Highlight Reel

NXT Championship Elimination Chamber Statistics

Entrant Number Superstar Elimination Order Eliminated By
1 Neville 4 Cesaro
2 Zeus Tucker 1 Athouse
3 Dolph Ziggler 2 Miz
4 Cesaro N/A WINNER
5 Athouse 5 Cesaro
6 The Miz 3 Neville

Number One Contender's Elimination Chamber Statistics

Entrant Number Superstar Elimination Order Eliminated By
1 Daniel Bryan 2 Jackpot
2 Roman Reigns 4 Orton
3 Sheamus 1 Reigns
4 Jacob Cass 3 Reigns
5 Danny Jackpot N/A WINNER
6 Randy Orton 5 Jackpot