Extreme Rules
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Promotion New-WWE
Date February 12th, 2010
Venue  ???
City  ???
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Last Event New-WWE/NAW Night of Champions
Next Event New-WWE The Bash

Extreme Rules is a New-WWE cpv event. Every match was held under Extreme Rules or Falls Count Anywhere rules.

# Results Stipulations Brand
1 Phil Collins (c) def. Brent Harvanator Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship ECW
2 Christian def. Chris Jericho Falls Count Anywhere Match Raw
3 The Miz, Adolf Hitler, and El Jefe def. The Ninth Clique 6-Man Elimination Tag Match Raw
4 Yuna (c) def. Pam Falls Count Anywhere Match for the New-WWE Divas Championship Smackdown
5 Danny Jackpot (c) def. Master Bubu and Frederick James Francis Triple Threat Match for the New-WWE Intercontinental Championship Smackdown
6 Hilary Duff def. Maria Lopez (c) and Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way Ladder Match for the New-WWE Women's Championship Raw
7 Bret Michaels def. Dorf Liggleton (c) Extreme Rules Match for the New-WWE Championship Raw
8 Edge def. TRS (c), Javori Smart and CM Punk Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown


  • 1 - This is the final ECW Championship match.
  • 3 - This match also had a future WWE title shot on the line. The Miz scored the winning pinfall for his team, netting him a future opportunity at the New-WWE Championship.
  • 6 - Maria's opponents are two debuting Raw divas.