Extreme Rules 5
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Promotion New-WWE
Date February 12th, 2012
Theme Song
Last Event New-WWE Money in the Bank 2
Next Event New-WWE Fatal Four Way 3

The Card

# Results Stipulations Brand
1 The Michigan Blonds (Craig David and Ryan Nitro) def. Javori Smart and Kofi Kingston Tag Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship Raw
2 Zack Ryder def. Zach Starr (c) Singles Match for the United States Championship Smackdown
3 Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales def. Drew McIntyre (c) (Disqualification; McIntyre retains) Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
4 Trish Stratus (c) def. Lillith Miller Last Woman Standing Match for Divas Championship N/A
5 TRS def. Christopher Cauckel Extreme Rules Match, If TRS wins, Cauckel doesn't cash in Money in the Bank for the Wrestlemania IX main event. If Cauckel wins, he gets to cash in money in the Bank for the Wrestlemania IX main event. Raw
6 Alberto Del Rio def. John Cena (c) Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship Raw
7 Randy Orton def. Belmont (6-4) 15-minute Ironman match Smackdown


  • 6. Cody Rhodes entered the ring while the cage was lowering, and ended up locked in it with Del Rio and Cena.

Highlight Reel