This page lists the New-WWE roster, and their Win/Loss record spanning across seasons 5-10. Note that the Royal Rumble Match only counts towards the record of the winner, and does not effect the record of the losing participants.




Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Status
S10-alexabliss Alexa Bliss Heel Columbus, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag 13 11 Current Raw Women's Champion
S10-amarillo Amarillo Face Guadalajara, Mexico MexicanFlag 21 25 N/A
S10-amirbarnes Amir Barnes Heel Cairo, Egypt Egypt 5 1 Current Intercontinental Champion
S10-apollocrews Apollo Crews Heel Stone Mountain, Georgia MiniUnitedStatesFlag 1 2 N/A
S10-areumhahn Areum Hahn TBA Seoul, South Korea Korea 0 0 Debuting on Raw Episode #416
S10-athouse Athouse Heel Jasper, Indiana MiniUnitedStatesFlag 87 102 N/A
S10-belmont Belmont Face Detroit, Michigan MiniUnitedStatesFlag 117 85 N/A
S10-biffandreas Biff Andreas Face Marco Island, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 93 110 Current WWE Universal Champion
S10-bige Big E Face Tampa, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 47 38 N/A
S10-bodallas Bo Dallas Heel Brooksville, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 9 38 N/A
S10-brocklesnar Brock Lesnar Heel Minneapolis, Minnesota MiniUnitedStatesFlag 8 0 N/A
S10-carmella Carmella Heel Staten Island, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag 3 2 N/A
S10-coreygrundy Corey Grundy Heel Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania MiniUnitedStatesFlag 8 13 Current Raw Tag Team Champion
S10-danabrooke Dana Brooke Heel Cleveland, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag 4 11 N/A
S10-dashwilder Dash Wilder Heel Asheville, North Carolina MiniUnitedStatesFlag 4 7 N/A
S10-deanambrose Dean Ambrose Face Cincinnati, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag 84 45 N/A
S10-dietrich Dietrich Face Berlin, Germany German flag sm 20 18 N/A
S10-distanceriley Distance Riley Heel Fort Worth, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0 Debuting at No Mercy 5
S10-dolphziggler Dolph Ziggler Heel Hollywood, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 122 129 N/A
S10-dwandawashington Dwanda Washington TBA Kenya Kenya 0 0 Debuting on Raw Episode #415
S10-heathslater Heath Slater Face Pineville, West Virginia MiniUnitedStatesFlag 3 13 N/A
S10-jacobcass Jacob Cass Heel Milwaukee, Wisconsin MiniUnitedStatesFlag 78 91 N/A
S10-kofikingston Kofi Kingston Face Ghana, West Africa Ghana 83 105 N/A
S10-lillithmiller Lillith Miller Face Truth or Consequences, New Mexico MiniUnitedStatesFlag 49 87 N/A
S10-matteichorn Matt Eichorn Heel Columbus, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag 97 103 N/A
S10-movado Movado Face Mexico City, Mexico MexicanFlag 23 21 N/A
S10-neville Neville Heel Newcastle upon Tyne, England MiniEnglandFlag 15 17 N/A
S10-niajax Nia Jax Heel San Diego, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 11 5 N/A
S10-randyorton Randy Orton Face St. Louis, Missouri MiniUnitedStatesFlag 154 100 N/A
S10-ripgrundy Rip Grundy Heel Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania MiniUnitedStatesFlag 8 13 Current Raw Tag Team Champion
S10-romanreigns Roman Reigns Face Pensacola, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 94 24 N/A
S10-rosetta Rosetta Face Gainesville, Georgia MiniUnitedStatesFlag 12 16 N/A
S10-sashabanks Sasha Banks Face Boston, Massachusetts MiniUnitedStatesFlag 34 25 N/A
S10-scottdawson Scott Dawson Heel Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina MiniUnitedStatesFlag 5 6 N/A
S10-sethrollins Seth Rollins Face Davenport, Iowa MiniUnitedStatesFlag 84 58 N/A
S10-shinsukenakamura Shinsuke Nakamura Face Kyoto, Japan Japan 3 1 N/A
S10-stevenraden Steven Raden Face San Diego, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 71 63 N/A
S10-tiared Tia Red Face Montpelier, Vermont MiniUnitedStatesFlag 28 38 N/A
S10-tommywall Tommy Wall Tweener Novato, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 1 21 N/A
S10-trs TRS Heel Windsor, Ontario MiniCanadaFlag 141 87 N/A
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Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Status
S10-ajstyles AJ Styles Heel Gainesville, Georgia MiniUnitedStatesFlag 22 13 N/A
S10-andrewliana Andrew Liana Heel New York, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag 65 80 N/A
S10-asuka Asuka Face Osaka, Japan Japan 11 0 N/A
S10-athenasnow Athena Snow Heel Jasper, Indiana MiniUnitedStatesFlag 40 65 N/A
S10-baroncorbin Baron Corbin Heel Kansas City, Kansas MiniUnitedStatesFlag 14 13 N/A
S10-bayley Bayley Face San Jose, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 10 4 Current Smackdown Women's Champion
S10-beckylynch Becky Lynch Face Dublin, Ireland Ireland 8 9 N/A
S10-cesaro Cesaro Face Lucerne, Switzerland Switzerland 83 84 N/A
S10-chadgable Chad Gable Face Minneapolis, Minnesota MiniUnitedStatesFlag 7 9 N/A
S10-charlotte Charlotte Flair Heel The Queen City MiniUnitedStatesFlag 15 16 N/A
S10-chrisjohansen Chris Johansen Face Providence, Rhode Island MiniUnitedStatesFlag 75 79 N/A
S10-christophercauckel Christopher Cauckel Heel Dallas, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag 100 113 N/A
S10-connorwine Connor Wine Face San Diego, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 36 90 N/A
S10-curtisaxel Curtis Axel Heel Champlin, Minnesota MiniUnitedStatesFlag 5 38 N/A
S10-dannyjackpot Danny Jackpot Face Chicago, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag 110 100 Current United States Champion
S10-elhondero El Hondero Face Mexico MexicanFlag 3 20 N/A
S10-epico Epico Colon Heel San Juan, Puerto Rico 0 2 N/A
S10-fandango Fandango Heel Westbrook, Maine MiniUnitedStatesFlag 14 29 N/A
S10-finnbalor Finn Bálor Face Bray, County Wicklow Ireland 19 3 Current WWE Champion
S10-jasonjordan Jason Jordan Face Chicago, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag 9 9 N/A
S10-jeyuso Jey Uso Face San Francisco, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 15 22 N/A
S10-jimmyuso Jimmy Uso Face San Francisco, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 14 21 N/A
S10-johncena John Cena Face West Newbury, Massachusetts MiniUnitedStatesFlag 152 68 N/A
S10-karlanderson Karl Anderson Heel Pipestone, Minnesota MiniUnitedStatesFlag 6 4 Current Smackdown Tag Team Champion
S10-kevinowens Kevin Owens Heel Marieville, Quebec MiniCanadaFlag 17 9 N/A
S10-kimchee Kim Chee Heel Japan Japan 0 0 Debuting at Starrcade
S10-lukegallows Luke Gallows Heel Chicago, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag 5 4 Current Smackdown Tag Team Champion
S10-marialopez Maria Lopez Heel Tulancingo, Hidalgo MexicanFlag 82 105 N/A
S10-themiz The Miz Heel Cleveland, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag 112 152 N/A
S10-normdailey Norm "The Storm" Dailey Face Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MiniUnitedStatesFlag 5 1 N/A
S10-paige Paige Tweener Norwich, England MiniEnglandFlag 39 24 N/A
S10-primo Primo Colon Heel San Juan, Puerto Rico 0 3 N/A
S10-rayrich Ray Rich Heel Wall Street MiniUnitedStatesFlag 4 22 N/A
S10-rusev Rusev Heel Bulgaria Bulgaria 25 17 N/A
S10-samizayn Sami Zayn Face Montreal, Quebec MiniCanadaFlag 16 14 N/A
S10-sebastiancruise Sebastian Cruise Face Los Angeles, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 41 39 Money in the Bank Winner
S10-sheamus Sheamus Heel Dublin, Ireland Ireland 152 99 N/A
S10-tylerbreeze Tyler Breeze Heel Seasonal Residences 9 20 N/A
S10-urenaadams Urena Adams Heel Edwardsville, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag 23 15 N/A
S10-zachstarr Zach Starr Heel Bismark, North Dakota MiniUnitedStatesFlag 109 123 N/A
S10-zackryder Zack Ryder Face Long Island, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag 22 90 N/A


Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Status
S10-joycestewart Joyce Stewart Face Chesapeake, Virginia MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0 Backstage Interviewer
S10-lana Lana Heel Moscow RussianFlag 0 0 Manager of Rusev
S10-mrmcmahon Mr. McMahon Heel Greenwich, Connecticut MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 1 New-WWE Chairman
S10-paulheyman Paul Heyman Heel Scarsdale, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0 Advocate to Brock Lesnar
S10-shanemcmahon Shane McMahon Face Greenwich, Connecticut MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0 Acting New-WWE Chief Operating Officer
S10-stephaniemcmahon Stephanie McMahon Heel Greenwich, Connecticut MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0 New-WWE Chief Brand Officer
S10-titusoneil Titus O'Neil Heel Live Oak, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 10 32 Raw General Manager
S10-tripleh Triple H Heel Greenwich, Connecticut MiniUnitedStatesFlag 8 1 New-WWE Chief Operating Officer
S10-thewingmaster The Wingmaster Face Buffalo, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag 9 24 Backstage Interviewer

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