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Royal Rumble
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Promotion New-WWE
Date TBA
Venue TBA
City TBA
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Last Event New-WWE TLC
Next Event New-WWE Elimination Chamber

Royal Rumble III was slated to be the third Royal Rumble event hosted by New-WWE.


# Results Stipulations Brand
1 Bryan Davis def. John Morrison (c) Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship Smackdown
2 "Dashing" Cody Rhodes def. Zach Starr (c), Connor Wine and The Wingmaster Fatal Four Way Match for the United States Championship Raw
3 Lillith Miller w/ Janice Miller def. Yuna Singles Match Smackdown
4 Danny Jackpot def. Edge Singles Match Raw
5 Caylen Rogers (c) def. Chris Jericho Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
6 Randy Orton (c) def. Dorf Liggleton Singles Match for the WWE Championship Raw
7 TRS is the winner Royal Rumble Match Interpromotional


  • 1. Kage, who was originally supposed to be Morrison's challenger for this match, was assaulted by Brent Harvanator before the match and was unable to compete. Bryan Davis was his replacement.
  • 6. Though Dorf had said he would leave the company if he failed to capture the title, he recanted the statement after the match.

Royal Rumble Statistics

Draw Entrant Brand eliminations order Eliminated by
1 John Cena Raw 4 6 Swagger and Pickles
2 Giant Guppy Raw 0 1 John Cena
3 Jeff Winninger Raw 0 2 John Cena
4 Dew Raw 0 3 John Cena and Christian
5 Christian Smackdown 2 5 Jack Swagger
6 John Morrison Smackdown 0 4 John Cena and Christian
7 Jack Swagger Smackdown 2 7 Harvanator and Pickles
8 Brent Harvanator Smackdown 2 11 Cody Rhodes
9 Drew Pickles RAWR 2 9 Cody Rhodes
10 Adam Edge SDA 0 8 Brent Harvanator
11 Lemarcus Carter Raw 2 14 Wine, Layla, and The Miz
12 The Wingmaster Raw 0 10 Lemarcus Carter
13 "Dashing" Cody Rhodes Raw 2 13 Carter and The Miz
14 Connor Wine Raw 3 16 The Miz
15 The Miz Raw 4 17 Steven Spriter
16 Zach Starr Raw 0 12 Connor Wine
17 Hannah Layla Raw 1 15 Wine and The Miz
18 Steven Spriter NAW 1 18 CM Punk
19 CM Punk Smackdown 3 22 Mayhem and Collins
20 Bryan Davis Smackdown 0 19 Larry and Collins
21 Phil Collins Smackdown 3 23 Chris Johansen
22 Larry It NAW 1 20 Collins, Punk, and Hawkinz
23 Jason Hawkinz Raw 5 29 TRS
24 Chris Johansen Smackdown 1 26 Mercurius
25 Allan Caesar III NAW 0 21 Hawkinz and CM Punk
26 Matt Mayhem Smackdown 1 24 Jason Hawkinz
27 Javori Smart Smackdown 0 25 Mercurius and Hawkinz
28 Frederick James Francis Raw 2 28 TRS and Hawkinz
29 Dolph Ziggler Smackdown 0 27 TRS


  • Raw had 14 representatives
  • Smackdown had 11 representatives
  • NAW had 3 representatives
  • There were 2 miscellaneous representatives (RAWR and SDA)

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