Season 2 King of the Ring is a the second set of King of the Ring tournaments held by New-WWE.

The Season 1 edition featured a separate tournament for the Raw and Smackdown brands (this occurred before the debut of the ECW brand). Despite ECW's addition to the New-WWE family, it will NOT be getting its own tournament. Instead ECW superstars will be participating in Raw and Smackdown's tournaments.

The tournament winners will go on to face the WWE and World Heavyweight champions respectively depending on their brand at New-WWE Breaking Point. The tournament finals for both brands will be held at New-WWE Judgment Day.

Starting with Round 2 of the tournament, matches will be held under No Disqualification Rules.

Raw Bracket

  First round Second round Semifinals Finals
11  Kage Pin  
6  Matt Hardy 7:47  
     Kage 7:51  
     Christian Pin  
14  Dylan Connell 5:04
5  Christian Pin  
     Christian 9:54  
     Chris Johansen Pin  
15  Mr. Mac 5:11  
7  The Miz Pin  
     The Miz 10:02
     Chris Johansen Pin  
12  Cody Rhodes 7:45
2  Chris Johansen Pin  
     Chris Johansen Pin
     Bret Michaels 6:53
10  El Jefe Pin  
9  Mr.MITB 5:23  
     El Jefe 7:13
     John Morrison Pin  
3  John Morrison Pin
16  Mr. Amazing 4:58  
     John Morrison 14:25
     Bret Michaels Pin  
1  Bret Michaels Pin  
4  Jeff Hardy 11:46  
     Bret Michaels Pin
     SBC Kozlov 8:53  
13  SBC Kozlov Pin
8  Damar 5:06  

Smackdown Bracket

  First round Second round Semifinals Finals
10  Javori Smart 8:26  
12  Evan Bourne Pin  
     Evan Bourne 9:11  
     CM Punk Pin  
9  The Wingmaster 6:08
4  CM Punk Pin  
     CM Punk 9:44  
     Edge Pin  
14  Gunner Fatu Jr. 7:20  
6  Danny Jackpot Pin  
     Danny Jackpot 8:12
     Edge Pin  
3  Edge Pin
15  Primo 5:25  
     Edge 19:47
     John Cena Pin
1  Pablo Gonzales Pin  
16  Lil Ham 10:59  
     Pablo Gonzales Pin
     The Brian Kendrick 7:53  
11  The Brian Kendrick Pin
8  Phil Collins 6:55  
     Pablo Gonzales 13:14
     John Cena Sub  
2  John Cena Pin  
7  Chris Jericho 7:33  
     John Cena Pin
     Frederick Francis 7:52  
5  Frederick Francis Pin
13  Brent Harvanator 5:30  

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