Season 4 King of the Ring is a the third set of King of the Ring tournaments held by New-WWE.

Like the previous two tournaments, both the Raw and Smackdown brands have their own brackets. Qualifying matches started on episode 119 of both shows. The tournament itself is set to begin after Night of Champions, with the finals taking place at Breaking Point. The winners will go on to receive a championship opportunity at The Bash.

Raw Bracket

  First Round Semifinals Finals
  5  Chris Johansen    
4  Chris Jericho    
     Chris Johansen    
     Jason Hawkinz    
6  Jason Hawkinz  
  3  CM Punk    
       Jason Hawkinz  
     Drew McIntyre  
  2  Randy Orton    
7  Drew McIntyre    
     Drew McIntyre  
     Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales    
8  Justin Gabriel  
  1  Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales    

Smackdown Bracket

  First Round Semifinals Finals
  4  Caylen Rogers    
6  Giant Guppy    
     Caylen Rogers    
     John Morrison    
5  Brent Harvanator  
  2  John Morrison    
       Caylen Rogers  
  3  Javori Smart    
1  TRS    
8  Belmont  
  7  Zack Ryder    

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