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This page lists the New-WWE roster, and their Win/Loss record spanning over the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons.

Superstar Roster

Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Status
S8-albertodelrio Alberto Del Rio Heel San Luis Potosí MexicanFlag 77 69 N/A
S8-andrewliana Andrew Liana Heel New York, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag 22 27 N/A
S8-athouse Athouse Face Jasper, Indiana MiniUnitedStatesFlag 45 49 N/A
S8-belmont Belmont Heel Detroit, Michigan MiniUnitedStatesFlag 72 51 N/A
S8-biffandreas Biff Andreas Face Marco Island, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 42 53 N/A
S8-bigelangston Big E Face Tampa, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 8 5 N/A
S8-bigshow Big Show Face Tampa, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 38 28 N/A
S8-antoniocesaro Cesaro Heel Lucerne, Switzerland Switzerland 35 34 N/A
S8-christian Christian Face Toronto, Ontario MiniCanadaFlag 41 48 N/A
S8-christophercauckel Christopher Cauckel Heel Dallas, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag 62 65 N/A
S8-codyrhodes Cody Rhodes Face Marietta, Georgia MiniUnitedStatesFlag 61 73 N/A
S8-damiensandow Damien Sandow Heel Palo Alto, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 18 28 N/A
S8-danielbryan Daniel Bryan Face Aberdeen, Washington MiniUnitedStatesFlag 78 48 N/A
S8-dannyjackpot Danny Jackpot Heel Chicago, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag 66 79 N/A
S8-darrenyoung Darren Young Face Miami, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 3 8 N/A
S8-davidotunga David Otunga Heel Hollywood, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 9 28 N/A
S8-deanambrose Dean Ambrose Heel Cincinnati, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag 22 12 Current United States Champion, World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Winner
S8-dolphziggler Dolph Ziggler Face Hollywood, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 74 70 N/A
S8-fandango Fandango Heel Unknown MiniUnitedStatesFlag 5 6 N/A
S8-jackswagger Jack Swagger Heel Perry, Oklahoma MiniUnitedStatesFlag 31 61 N/A
S8-jacobcass Jacob Cass Heel Milwaukee, Wisconsin MiniUnitedStatesFlag 34 40 Current Intercontinental Champion, WWE Championship Money in the Bank Winner
S8-johncena John Cena Face West Newbury, Massachusetts MiniUnitedStatesFlag 102 46 N/A
S8-justingabriel Justin Gabriel Face Cape Town, South Africa South-africa 18 41 N/A
S8-kofikingston Kofi Kingston Face Ghana, West Africa Ghana 54 78 N/A
S8-matteichorn Matt Eichorn Heel Columbus, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag 50 48 N/A
S8-rtruth R-Truth Face Charlotte, North Carolina MiniUnitedStatesFlag 28 44 N/A
S8-randyorton Randy Orton Heel St. Louis, Missouri MiniUnitedStatesFlag 96 60 N/A
S8-romanreigns Roman Reigns Heel Pensacola, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 15 2 Current WWE Tag Team Champion
S8-ryback Ryback Heel Sin City MiniUnitedStatesFlag 40 16 N/A
S8-sebastiancruise Sebastian Cruise Heel Los Angeles, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 3 0 N/A
S8-sethrollins Seth Rollins Heel Davenport, Iowa MiniUnitedStatesFlag 23 13 Current WWE Tag Team Champion
S8-sheamus Sheamus Face Dublin, Ireland Ireland 96 47 Current WWE Champion
S8-smokey Smokey Face Georgiana, Alabama MiniUnitedStatesFlag 30 18 N/A
S8-stevenraden Steven Raden Heel San Diego, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 20 24 N/A
S8-themiz The Miz Face Cleveland, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag 78 82 N/A
S8-titusoneil Titus O'Neil Face Live Oak, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 4 7 N/A
S8-trs TRS Face Windsor, Ontario MiniCanadaFlag 96 59 Current World Heavyweight Champion
S8-tylerking Tyler King Face Grand Rapids, Michigan MiniUnitedStatesFlag 23 25 N/A
S8-wadebarrett Wade Barrett Heel Preston, England MiniEnglandFlag 35 63 N/A
S8-zachstarr Zach Starr Face Bismark, North Dakota MiniUnitedStatesFlag 66 74 N/A
S8-zackryder Zack Ryder Face Long Island, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag 16 63 N/A

Diva Roster

Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Status
S8-ajlee AJ Lee Face Union City, New Jersey MiniUnitedStatesFlag 29 19 N/A
S8-aksana Aksana Heel Alytus, Lithuania Lithuanian flag sm 1 4 N/A
S8-athenasnow Athena Snow Heel Jasper, Indiana MiniUnitedStatesFlag 9 17 N/A
S8-briebella Brie Bella Heel Scottsdale, Arizona MiniUnitedStatesFlag 9 9 N/A
S8-kaitlyn Kaitlyn Face Houston, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag 11 7 Current Divas Champion
S8-layla Layla Face Miami, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag 30 38 N/A
S8-lillithmiller Lillith Miller Heel Truth or Consequences, New Mexico MiniUnitedStatesFlag 33 59 N/A
S8-marialopez Maria Lopez Face Tulancingo, Hidalgo MexicanFlag 65 65 N/A
S8-nikkibella Nikki Bella Heel Scottsdale, Arizona MiniUnitedStatesFlag 5 3 N/A
S8-summerrae Summer Rae Heel Raleigh, North Carolina MiniUnitedStatesFlag 3 2 Manager of Fandango


Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Status
S8-mrmcmahon Mr. McMahon Heel Greenwich, Connecticut MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 1 N/A
S8-tripleh Triple H Face Greenwich, Connecticut MiniUnitedStatesFlag 4 0 N/A
S8-paulheyman Paul Heyman Heel Scarsdale, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag 0 0 Manager of Jacob Cass
S8-ricardorodriguez Ricardo Rodriguez Heel Unknown MexicanFlag 0 2 Manager of Alberto Del Rio


Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Wins Losses Status
S8-chrisjericho Chris Jericho Face Winnipeg, Manitoba MiniCanadaFlag 51 47 N/A
S8-chrisjohansen Chris Johansen Heel Providence, Rhode Island MiniUnitedStatesFlag 44 56 N/A
S8-cmpunk CM Punk Face Chicago, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag 102 49 N/A
S8-edge Edge Heel Toronto, Ontario MiniCanadaFlag 52 40 N/A
S8-lita Lita Heel Sanford, North Carolina MiniUnitedStatesFlag 8 4 N/A
S8-pablogonzales Pablo Gonzales Face San Diego, California MiniUnitedStatesFlag 37 13 N/A

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