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New-WWE Supershow was a miniature CPV hosted by New-WWE. It was be the first New-WWE show since its short hiatus that began in late October, the first with the effects of the Season 6 Draft, and was the first on WWE 12. All the matches on the card were chosen by members of the Something CAWful forum, in a similar method as the drafts are conducted.

# Results Stipulations Brand Suggested By
1 Zach Starr def. Evan Bourne Singles Match Smackdown Biff Andreas
2 William Regal, Demar Thomas, and David Otunga def. The Wingmaster and The Cradle Shock (Hannah Layla and Giant Guppy) Smackdown vs Raw 6-Man Tag Match Interpromotional Inspector Shetty/King Patch
3 Jack Swagger (c) def. R-Truth Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship Raw Mr. MITB/Caylen Rogers
4 TRS def. Christopher Cauckel Singles Match Raw Fella_mcfellerson
5 Randy Orton def. Belmont Singles Match Smackdown Biff Andreas
6 Danny Jackpot def. Brent Harvanator Singles Match Smackdown Brent Harvanator
7 John Cena and Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales def. Cody Rhodes and Caylen Rogers Tag Match Raw Spriter