Following the closure of the ECW brand of New-WWE, the Unified Tag Team Championship was vacated and de-unified, putting the World Tag Team Championship back on Raw and the WWE Tag Team Championship back on Smackdown. The holders of the two sets of tag titles are to be determined in to separate branded tournaments, similar to the 2010 King of the Ring tournaments. Both tournament's final rounds are to be held at The Bash.

World Tag Team Championship Bracket

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  1  The Ninth Clique 10:59  
8  Chris Johansen & Adolf Hitler Pin  
     Chris Johansen & Adolf Hitler Pin  
     The Wingmaster & Allan Caesar III  ?:??  
4  El Jefe & The Miz  ?:??
  5  The Wingmaster & Allan Caesar III Pin  
       Chris Johansen & Adolf Hitler  
     Kage & Brent Harvanator  
  3  Phil Collins & Christian  ?:??  
6  Chris Jericho & John Morrison Pin  
     Chris Jericho & John Morrison[1]  ?:??
     Kage & Brent Harvanator Pin  
2  Kage & Brent Harvanator Pin
  7  Lil Ham & Mr. Amazing 9:31  

WWE Tag Team Championship Bracket

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  1  CAW All The Time 9:50  
8  Mr.MITB & Gunner Fatu Jr. Pin  
     Mr.MITB & Gunner Fatu Jr.  ?:??  
     CAW All The Time Pin  
4  Da Black APA[2] Pin
  5  TRS & Frederick Francis  ?:??  
       CAW All The Time  
     Mr. Mac & navgtr  
  3  Mr. Mac & navgtr Pin  
6  Jeff Winninger & Evan Bourne 10:28  
     Mr. Mac & navgtr Pin
     Damar & Jason Hawkinz  ?:??  
2  Damar & Jason Hawkinz Count Out
  7  CM Punk & Master Bubu  ?:??  


  • 1:^ Chris Jericho forfeited, resulting in Morrison competing against Harvanator and Kage by himself.
  • 2:^ Even though Danny Jackpot and Javori Smart were successful, They were disqualified in the tournament due to if the two made it to the finals, Danny Jackpot would be in two matches at The Bash.

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