The Bash
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Promotion New-WWE
Date February 22nd, 2010
Venue  ???
City  ???
Theme Song
Last Event New-WWE Extreme Rules
Next Event New-WWE Bragging Rights

The Bash was set to be the first New-WWE CPV following the death of the ECW brand.

# Results Stipulations Brand
1 Barbra Streisand def. Hilary Duff (C) Singles Match for the Women's Championship Raw
2 Chris Johansen & Adolf Hitler def. Brent Harvanator & Kage Tag Team Match for the vacant World Tag Team Championship (World Tag Team Tournament Finals) Raw
3 Mr. Mac & navgtr def. CAW All The Time Tag Team Match for the vacant WWE Tag Team Championship (WWE Tag Team Tournament Finals) Smackdown
4 Janice Miller def. Miley Cyrus (C) Singles Match for the Divas Championship Smackdown
5 Javori Smart def. Frederick James Francis Singles Match (If Javori loses, he is banished from Smackdown) Smackdown
6 The Miz def. El Jefe Street Fight Raw
7 Edge (c) def. Danny Jackpot TLC Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
Main Randy Orton def. Dorf Liggleton (c) and Bret Michaels Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship Raw

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