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Promotion New-WWE
Date March 12th, 2012
Theme Song
Last Event New-WWE Fatal Four Way 3
Next Event New-WWE Night of Champions 5

The Card

# Results Stipulations Brand
Pre-Show Zach Starr (c) def. Demar Thomas Singles Match for the United States Championship Smackdown
1 The Michigan Blonds (c) def. Justin Gabriel and Daniel Bryan Tag Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship Interpromotional
2 The Miz def. Jacob Cass Singles Match Raw
3 Kharma (c) def. Trish Stratus Singles Match for the Divas Championship Interpromotional
4 Maria Lopez def. Frederick James Francis Singles Match, Maria Lopez's career is on the line Interpromotional
5 Christopher Cauckel (MITB) def. TRS (c) Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship and the Raw Money in the Bank Contract Raw
6 Ted DiBiase (c) and Dolph Ziggler def. Chris Johansen 2-on-1 Gauntlet Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
6-2 Randy Orton def. Ted DiBiase (c) Impromptu Match for the World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown
7 CM Punk (c) def. Alberto Del Rio Singles Match for the WWE Championship Raw
8 John Cena def. Chris Jericho Singles Match Raw


  • 4. Connor Wine distracted Francis, allowing Lopez to roll him up for the victory.
  • 6. Johansen defeated Ziggler in the first round, DiBiase defeated Johansen in the second to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
  • 6-2. DiBiase was ordered to defend the championship by new chairman Triple H.

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