New Era Of Sports Entertainment
Acronym NESE
Establishment February 2, 2010 - present
Owner(s) Masahiro Chono
Staff COOOOOOOOOWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Formerly N/A

A CAW fed, currently using WWE Day Of Reckoning, that opened up in February 2010, currently on hiatus.


Opened on February 2, 2010, New Era Of Sports Entertainment kicked off with The Crock announcing that he was commissioner and that on that night they would crowded its 3 champions. The men who won the titles were Bandit Kieth (World), Nostaglia Critic (3I) and Deadpool & Linkara (Tag).

In the middle of March, NESE held its first Mega Event, called Brooklyn Rage. NESE would later change the game it was using, from Wrestling MPire 2008 to WWE Day of Reckoning for the Blackest Night Mega Event.

NESE would then agree to a talent exchange with OLW & NESE. Due to this agreement, NESE would become part of the Vivianverse. NESE in July 2010 would open its own Developmental CAW show, Superstar Development Alliance. This show would become more of developmental league for the whole of the Vivianverse, however. NESE would then agree to a talent exchange with IWT.

On December 19th, 2010, NESE officially announced it would split into two brands, with West following on from NESE proper, and East being created from scratch, ran by former NAW South owner Spriter. On 22nd of November, NESE East was cancelled after the owner become the main booker of NAW which Danny Jackpot step down from. Many of those apart of NESE East were released, but the titles of the brand were kept.

NESE would later split off an Japanese promotion originally called NESE Japan, but was later renamed Dynamite Japan. However, the promotion would fold when NESE owner Patch would take over WCW brand Thunder from HellsOnlyChild. During this time, NESE would engage in talent exchange with New-TNA.


It was originally was going to be Inspector Shetty himself as the owner of NESE, but The Crock announced that a powerful group of European investors bought the company away from him. Shetty's role within the company is unclear, but still holds some sort of power within it.

After weeks of attacks, Joey Ryan revealed himself as the attacker, but announced he was under orders from the European investors. European investors claimed they were unhappy with The Crock's performance as Commissioner, but could not legally fire him.

At Blackest Night, Joey Ryan would gain complete control over NESE. However, a clever trick by Bandit Keith saw him become Co-commissioner at the Great Puerto Rican Bash.

After months of feuding, Bandit Keith would defeat Joey Ryan to become full commissioner of NESE in a Guerrilla Warfare Match.

At SpringTime For Hitler Bandit Keith was fired as the NESE Commissioner by the NESE Owner Masahiro Chono and gave Commisionership back to a returning Joey Ryan.

NESE was then bought from Chono by a sweaty Jewish man.

Somehow Sterling Archer came into power.

NESE Roster

Superstar Name Alignment Finisher
Claudio Castagnoli Antonio Cesaro Tweener Ricola Bomb
AnthonyNese Anthony Nese Heel
Bandit keith Bandit Keith Heel Tombstone Piledriver In Canada
Captain picard Captain Picard Face The Assimilator
Charlie Haas Charlie Haas Tweener Haas of Pain
Th Christian Cage Christian Heel Unprettier
Chris Hero Chris Hero Face Rolling Elbow, Hero's Welcome
Chris Jericho39 Chris Jericho ???? Walls of Jericho, Lionsault
Christopher walken Christopher Walken Face That Kick is Un-Fucking-Believable
Data Data Face Data Corruption
Deadpool Deadpool Tweener Something Very Threatening
The doctor The Doctor Heel Time Paradox
Drew Gulak Drew Gulak Heel
Fire Ant Fire Ant Face Ant Buster
GageGraysonKYKY Gage Grayson Heel Nexus 6
Hideo Itami Hideo Itami Heel GAME OVER, Shining Wizard
Jason Matthews Jason Matthews Heel Golden Seal, Skull Crushing Finale, Rollup
Joey ryan Joey Ryan Heel Pedigree
JoshuaBishopKYKY Joshua Bishop Heel
JonRalphioKYKY Jon-ralphio Heel
Kane4 Kane Heel Chokeslam
Keiji Mutoh5 Keiji Mutoh Face Shining Wizard, Moonsault
Connor Keith Connor Heel Deconmissioned, Edgeucator
Kevin Owens Kevin Owens Heel Powerbomb
Lance Storm Lance Storm Heel Superkick, One Legged Boston Crab, Sharpshooter
Lemarcus carter Lemarcus Carter Sexist Tiger Bomb
90sKid Linkara Face 90s Stunner
Mcdermott Malcolm McDermott Heel Dragon Sleeper, Elevated DDT
LoudenStylesKyky Malik Brown Tweener Styles Detonator
Th MinoruSuzuki Minoru Suzuki Heel Gotch Style Piledriver
MortySmith Morty Smith
RickSanchez Rick Sanchez
Rorschach Rorschach Face Lariat, Enzu Lariat
Scott Steiner Scott Steiner Heel Steiner Screwdriver, Steiner Recliner, Steiner50
Shelton Benjamin Shelton X Benjamin Tweener Superkick
Shinsuke Nakamura Shinsuke Nakamura Face Boma Ye, Landslide, Cross Arm Breaker
SnakePlisskenKYKY Snake Plissken Face
Sterling Archer Sterling Archer Being Drunk
Toru Yano Toru Yano Face Oni Koroshi
Triple H Triple H Heel Pedigree
TylerKingKYKY Tyler King Heel Throne of Iron
Undertaker28 Undertaker Heel Last Ride, Tombstone Piledriver
UltraMantis Black5 Ultramantis Black Heel Cosmic Disaster
Tghrank hm waluigi600 Waluigi Heel Sweet Mischief
Xenomorph2 Xenomorph Heel Acid Spit followed by Buzzsaw Kick
Ashe Ashe Face
Brienne of tarth Brienne of Tarth Face
Cammy Cammy Face
Candice LeRae Candice LeRae Face
DaisyKYKY Princess Daisy Heel Daisy Cruiser
Kana Kana Face Crossface
PeachKYKY Princess Peach Face

Tag Teams

Team Team name Members Alignment
GageGraysonKYKYTylerKingKYKY Bladerunners Gage Grayson & Tyler King Heel
DaisyKYKYTghrank hm waluigi600 BULLET BILL CLUB Princess Daisy & Waluigi Heel
Fire AntSoldier ant The Colony Fire Ant & Soldier Ant Face
Deadpool90sKid The Forth Wall Deadpool & Linkara Face
Claudio CastagnoliChris Hero Kings of Wrestling Antonio Cesaro & Chris Hero Face
UltraMantis Black5Xenomorph2 The Order of the Neo Solar Temple UltraMantis Black & Xenomorph Face
Captain picardData Starfleet Captain Picard & Data Face
Charlie HaasTh MinoruSuzukiShelton Benjamin Suzuki-Gun Charlie Haas, Minoru Suzuki & Shelton X Benjamin Heel
AnthonyNeseBandit keithJoey ryanCandice LeRaeDrew GulakScott SteinerTriple H THE POWERS THAT BE Anthony Nese, Bandit Keith, Joey Ryans, Candice LeRae, Drew Gulak, Scott Stiener & Triple H Heel

Mega Events

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Championship Champion Date Won Last Champion Event/Show
NESE World Championship Lance Storm 30 August, 2015 Chris Hero NESE Event Horizon
NESE 3I Championship Rorschach 20 January, 2012 Human Tornado NESE Episode 34

NESE Tag Team Championship

Bladerunners (Gage Grayson & Tyler King) 7 April, 2016 Neo Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Xenomorph) NESE King of Duos Final
NESE American Championship Dan Severn 30 August, 2015 Hideo Itami NESE Event Horizon
NESE Zeo Japan Championship Malcolm McDermott 30 August, 2015 Vacant NESE Event Horizon
NESE Women Championship Kana 23rd December, 2011 Mike Dawson NESE POWER LAND 3


Tournament Champion Date Won Last Champion Event/Show
G1 Climax Chris Hero 11 September 2011 N/A G1 Climax Finals Day
King of Duos Bladerunners (Gage Grayson & Tyler King) 7 April, 2016 N/A NESE King of Duos Final


Superstar Name Alignment Finisher
BrentKyky2 Brent Harvanator Heel

Bronco Buster, X-Factor,Fautline

Evanoshea Evan O'Shea Heel Ganso Bomb
Th Hiroshi-Tanahashi Hiroshi Tanahashi Face High Fly Flow
Steven Spriter Steven Santos Heel Pedigree
Suspect Suspect Heel Million $ Lariat
Satoshi Kojima4 Satoshi Kojima Tweener  Lariat
Smokeyurgh Smokey Heel

Yallin Punchs,

Acid Splash, S.K.O

Lord tensai Lord Tensai Heel Baldo Bomb
Rockyromero2d Rocky Romero Face Arm-Breaker
Zack Ryder8 Zack Ryder Face Zack Attack


Championship Champion Date Won Last Champion Event/Show
NESE Universal Championship Hiroshi Tanahashi 22nd March 2012 The Suspect

NESE Ringo Starrcade Pre-Show

In-Active and Alumni


  • Adam West (In jail for attempted Murder)
  • Tiger Shetty
  • Zac Efron (making some shitty film)
  • Phil Taylor (currently playing Darts)


  • Ricky Caldwell (25th January 2010)
  • Kyle Gas (April 12th 2010)
  • Jack Black (April 12th 2010)
  • The Crock (May 12th 2010)
  • Prince Nana (May 12th 2010)
  • Fake Rorshach (May 12th 2010)
  • Zac Efron (May 12th 2010)
  • Christian Bale (May 12th 2010)
  • Peter Petrelli (June 7th 2010)
  • Nostalgia Chick (August 18th 2010)
  • Worker Ant (Retired; September 17th 2010)
  • Mr T (September 17th 2010)
  • Snowflame (October 10th 2010)
  • Nathan Slash (December 20th 2010)
  • Big Show (December 20th 2010)
  • Jerry Atric (April 10th 2011)
  • Edge (Retired; April 12th 2011)
  • TAKA Michinoku (June 1st 2011)
  • Nostalgia Critic (September 11th 2011)
  • Shawn Michaels (September 11th 2011)
  • Jack Swagger (September 11th 2011)
  • Sin Cara (September 11th 2011)
  • Matt Mayhem (November 22nd 2011)
  • Ichigo Kurosaki (November 22nd 2011)
  • Nick Hogan (November 22nd 2011)
  • Brother Devon (November 22nd 2011)
  • Brother Ray (November 22nd 2011)
  • AJ Styles (November 22nd 2011)
  • Bison Reed (November 22nd 2011)
  • Spoony (November 22nd 2011)
  • John Cena (November 22nd 2011)
  • Pinkie Sanchez (March 23rd 2012)
  • Xavier (March 23rd 2012)
  • Chuck Taylor (March 23rd 2012)
  • Giant Bernard (March 23rd 2012)
  • Karl Anderson (March 23rd 2012)
  • Big Daddy Zodiac (March 23rd 2012)
  • Jason Mattews (March 23rd 2012)
  • Cobra (March 23rd 2012)
  • Emily O'Shea (March 23rd 2012)
  • Lady (March 23rd 2012)
  • Hayden Panettiere (March 8th 2013)
  • Emma Roberts (March 8th 2013)
  • Funaki (March 8th 2013)
  • TAKA Michnoku (March 8th 2013)
  • Gordon Chan (March 8th 2013)
  • Saru Hatsharu (March 8th 2013)
  • Dexter Morgan (March 8th 2013)
  • Mike Dawson (March 8th 2013)
  • Simon Belmont (March 8th 2013)
  • Gabriel Belmont (March 8th 2013)

Former Tag Teams

  • Rorshach & The Doctor
  • Scott Steiner & Zac Efron
  • Tenacious D (Jack Black & Kyle Gas)
  • TEAM SHIT (Nick Hogan & Fake Rorshach)
  • Two Skinny Black Guys Of Low Moral Fiber (Human Tornado & Chuck Taylor)
  • The Fallen (Keith Connor & Gordon Chan)
  • Team (Nostalgia Critic & Nostalgia Chick)

NESE Legends

Superstar Name Achievements Finisher
Human Tornado The Human Tornado 1 Time NESE 3I Champion, 1 Time NESE American Champion 450 Splash, DND
ScottHall Scott Hall No Showed Every Show Razor's Edge
JackpotIWT Danny Jackpot Hero/Jackpot feud, Runner Up in first G1 Climax Cash Out, Money Shot
Keiji Mutoh5 Keiji Mutoh Being the Great Muta Shining Wizard, Moonsault
Undertaker28 Undertaker Undertaker/Muta feud Last Ride, Tombstone Piledriver

Awards and Achievements


Award Category Result
Something CAWful Awards Worst Fantasy CAW (Spoony) Won
Most Improved CAW Show Nominated
CAW League to watch for 2011 Nominated
Best CAW Moment (Spoony loses the NESE Title) Nominated
Worst CAW Moment (Spoony wins the NESE Title) Nominated
Best Fantasy CAW (Xenomorph) Nominated


Award Category Result
Something CAWful Awards CAW Show of the Year Won
Best CPV (NESE World War Rumble II) Nominated
Underrated CAW Show Won
CAW League to watch for 2012 Nominated
Best Feud (Chris Hero vs Danny Jackpot) Won
Best Feud (The Great Muta vs Undertaker) Nominated
Best CAW Moment (Scott Steiner wins the NESE Title) Won
Most Improved CAW Show Nominated
Best Match of the Year (Chris Hero vs Danny Jackpot) Nominated
Best Match of the Year (The Great Muta vs Undertaker) Won
Best Roster Nominated
Best Tag Team (Team Canada) Nominated


New Era of Sports Entertainment's Youtube Channel

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