New Japan Caw Wrestling is a caw wrestling promotion in Youtube, founded by pwoedd in 2009 and owned by wccwedd.

New Japan Caw Wrestling
Acronym NJCW
Establishment Tokyo, Japan
Owner(s) wccwedd
Staff NJCW Staff
Formerly {{{formerly}}}


See: New Japan Caw Wrestling roster 

Titles Promoted

New Japan has its own governing body, the International Caw Wrestling Grand Prix (ICWGP). ICWGP titles, in order of founding, and current champions are:

Championship Current champion(s) Held since
ICWGP Heavyweight Championship
ICWGP Tag Team Championship
ICWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
ICWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
ICWGP Intercontinental Championship
NEVER Caw Openweight Championship
ICWGP Women's Championship

Annual Tournaments

Tournament Last winner(s) Last held Type Created Notes
G1 Climax TBD TBD Open weight TBD NJCW's biggest annual tournament, primarily for heavyweights but there is no official weight limit. Mostly in a Round-robin tournament
World Tag League TBD TBD Tag team TBD NJPW's annual tag team round-robin tournament
New Japan Cup TBD TBD Open weight TBD Single-elimination tournament
Best of the Super Juniors TBD TBD Junior Heavyweight TBD Annual round-robin tournament featuring top junior heavyweights from all over the world
Super J Cup TBD TBD Junior Heavyweight TBD Sporadic single-elimination tournament featuring top junior heavyweights from all over the world. The tournament has been hosted by other promotions than NJPW as well.
Super Jr. Tag Tournament TBD TBD Junior Heavyweight Tag Team TBD Sporadic tournament featuring junior heavyweight tag teams from all over the world
Young Lion Cup TBD TBD Rookies TBD Tournament that is not held every year
J Sports Crown Openweight 6 Man Tag Tournament TBD TBD Six-man tag team TBD Six-man tag team

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