NL Championship
WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Current champion(s) Kofi Kingston
Date Won November 10,2013
League New Legacy Inc
Brand New Legacy Inc
Introduced August 19, 2013
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First Champion Primo
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Longest Reign Mark Henry 1998 Version
Shortest Reign Primo
Heaviest Champion Mark Henry(418 lbs)
Lightest Champion Kofi Kingston(212 lbs)
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"THAT NEVER HAPPENED" - NL-Johnny on the New Legacy Championship

New Legacy Championship is the most prestigious title in NL. Only the best of the best can hold it. Primo was the first to win.

Wrestler Times Length in days Notes Date Won
Primo 1 0 Won the title in a triple threat match with Epico and Hunico August 19, 2013
Mark Henry 1998 Version 1 72 Defeated Primo and Mark Henry in a triple threat match August 19,2013
Brock Lesnar 1 13 Defeated Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant,Sgt Slaughter in a Hell in a Cell Match October 29,2013
Undertaker 1 0 Defeated Brock in a Defeat The Streak Match November 10, 2013
Kofi Kingston 1 Defeated Undertaker in a Defeat The Streak Match November 10,2013