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new Legacy Inc. is a CAW production group that consist of Johnny, Slip (aka Sting aka Eric Draven), L.T. Dangerous (aka Wade Barret), and Blake.

They are also the owners of PW360, a sim league shown on Youtube and stream

Early Beginnings

newLEGACY's first production was a match between Sheena Marie and Crackhea, which Crackhea won with lots of kicks and slow motion lariat followed by the Earthquake.

This would be followed up by a tournament known as CAW Underground National Tournament (CUNT), and this featured talents such as Freddie Guerrero, Christmas Benoit, Blactus Black, Armed Johnson, Giga Jarrett, Giga Sting, Uncle Chester and Susan Boyle. Unfortunately, they did not finish the tournament. There has been rumors that after two tournaments on CAW Undeground (CAW Cup and CUtting Edge) that the Tournament would continue. All the matches were commentated by Johnny & Blake.


UMAD was the follow up new Legacy had been working on, which was a show to mock bad and/or overrated caw shows. Sometimes they also did action figure leagues (in fact, the first episode was indeed an action figure league).

Episode No League "UMAD'd" The Commentary Team Fed Type
1 Action Figure Wrestling (Sandman vs Konnan) Johnny & Slip Action Figures
2 IWE (Jason vs Spider-man vs Superman vs Rocky) Johnny & L.T. Dangerous CAW
3 ?Crazy James League? Johnny & Slip CAW
4 Extreme Nonstop Wrestling (Cena vs Mr Kennedy) Johnny, Slip & L.T. Dangerous Action Figures
5 CAW Destiny V (Parody Episode) "Dr P1zza & Solid Snake" CAW
6 BSE Submission Championship (Homer vs Magneto) Johnny, Slip & Blake CAW
7 bse backstag inyasha v.r. hulk Johnny & Slip CAW
8 Broly vs The Thing = Ladder Spot vs Table Johnny & L.T. Dangerous CAW
9 Jason Mears v Nick Mondo = Ladder Spot vs Table II Johnny & L.T. Dangerous CAW
10 "Director's Edition" XWS = Sabu vs Arsenal Johnny & Blake CAW
11 IWE Take Two (Luigi vs Spider-man) Johnny & Slip CAW
12 COH Short Elbow Drop Johnny & Slip CAW
13 SMF War Episode 3 The first 20 Minutes Johnny, LT Dangerous & Blake CAW
14 VRW Pressure 1 Johnny & Slip CAW
15 Monday Night Warzone Johnny & LT Dangerous Action Figures
16 SMF War Episode 3 The next 20 Minutes Johnny, LT Dangerous & Blake CAW
17 World CAW Wrestling The Main Event (Parts 1-3) Johnny & LT Dangerous CAW
18 "Pablo Alfonzo Gonzales" Women Wrestling Johnny & Slip CAW
19 ACW Johnny & LT Dangerous CAW
20 Board 8 Baseball Johnny & LT Dangerous CAW
21 DCWL (Bret Michaels vs Dan Doomsday) Johnny & LT Dangerous CAW
22 OMG Bash At The Beach Parts 1 & 2 Johnny & LT Dangerous CAW
23 WWF (HTF vs Mario Bros.) Johnny & LT Dangerous CAW
24 Randy Orton vs Terry Funk Cage Match Johnny & LT Dangerous Action Figures
25 CXWI Johnny, LT Dangerous & Slip CAW
26 WXW Hardcore Match - Mader vs MVP (c.) Johnny, LT Dangerous & Slip Backyard
27 LCW - Stiff MOFs Johnny, LT Dangerous & Blake Backyard
28 Good Cena vs Undertaker (Run-In: Darkside Cena) Johnny, LT Dangerous & Slip Action Figures
29 shamus vs kane Johnny & LT Dangerous CAW


SMF The Great American Clash 2010 Johnny, Slip, LT Dangerous, & Blake CAW
31 TNA iMPACT! 07-01-2010 Johnny, LT Dangerous & Blake Mainstream
32 VRW Pressure 12 Johnny & Slip CAW
33 BSE Kid's Sequel: ASE Blue Ranger vs Super Buu Johnny & LT Dangerous CAW
34 SnR Wrestling: Mick Foley Jr. vs Edge Jr. Johnny & LT Dangerous Backyard
35 MWF: Boom vs Steve Urkel Johnny & LT Dangerous


36 BWE CAW Survivor Series Johnny & Slip CAW
37 CWF Tournament Round 2, 3, & 4 Johnny & Slip CAW
37.5 SVR 10 Storylines Johnny CAW
38 NACW: Spoony vs The Joker Johnny & LT CAW
39 NYCW: The Karate Man vs The Ninja Johnny & LT CAW
40 KWF: Cardboard Match Johnny & LT Backyard
41 WCW New Blood Rising Johnny, LT, & Blake Mainstream
42 TNA Victory Road 09: Sharmell vs Jenna Johnny & Slip Mainstream
43 Smackdown 04.13.00: Mae Young & The Kat vs Fabulous Moolah & Terri Johnny & Slip Mainstream
44 Smackdown: 10.21.99: Mae Young vs Fabulous Moolah -- WWF Women's Title Johnny & Slip Mainstream
45 WCW Superbrawl I: Stretcher Match Johnny & Blake Mainstream
46 WWF Unforgiven 1999: Kennel from Hell Johnny & Blake Mainstream
47 Burning Inferno: Wario Bros vs Mario Bros Johnny & Slip CAW
48 Thursday Night Fusion: Satan vs James Mac Johnny & Slip CAW
49 "test cpv" Johnny & Slip CAW
50 Thursday Night Fusion: Tag Match Johnny & Slip CAW
51 SVR2011 Online Match: 6-Man Tag Elimination Chamber Johnny & Slip CAW
52 Viewer's Choice Match: Danny Nabin vs Ted DiBiase Johnny & Slip CAW
53 CCL Adrenaline #21: Armageddon vs Michael Heinman Johnny & Slip CAW
54 "WrestleMania" Johnny & Slip Backyard
56 John Cena vs. Batista vs. Yoshi Tatsu Johnny & Slip Action Figure
57 GTW Johnny, Slip & J222 Backyard
58 UBW Johnny & Slip Backyard
59 "Royal Rumble" Johnny & Slip Action Figure
60 Mysterious Creature Johnny & Slip Action Figure
61 WWE Snow Day Fun Johnny & Slip Action Figure
62 ENA: Prototype vs. Triple Taker in a Ladder Match Johnny & Slip Backyard
63 Brothers of Destruction Johnny & Slip Action Figure
64 A Day at the Beach with Kurt Angle and Friends Johnny, Slip & J222 Action Figure
  • After Episode 20, UMAD spawned a secondary commentary called UWAAH
  • There was techinically a UMAD of a SvR2010 Storyline with just Johnny on their Justin TV Stream.

Episode No. "UWAAH'd" Commentary Team
1 Dr Pizza & Paypal Johnny & LT Dangerous
2 "The Voycawt" Johnny & LT Dangerous
3 Dr Pizza & The Black Community Johnny & LT Dangerous
4 Dr Pizza on the ass end of an ass-kicking Johnny & Slip
5 Message to All Females: The Return Johnny & Slip
6 Fatt Hardy is a fat, idiot Johnny, Blake, & HvF's Carl "The Caveman" Touretta
  • Note: Episode 5 of UWAAH was taken down due to copyright.
  • Episode 6 was taken down due voluntarily to Fatt Hardy Fans probably going to flag it

Major Titles

NL Title: Kofi Kingston 

SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 Saga Championship History

World Salad Championship

The World Salad Championship is the highest ranked Singles Championship for the nL SVR07 Championship Saga Streams/Videos. Originally created by Jericho222 and named after his catchphrase "Not in My Salad," the title was first presented to and defended by Hulk Hogan. Due to his continued success in title matches, the World Salad title soon became the #1 title in the Championship Saga. After the original World Salad Championship data was mysteriously erased, Hulk Hogan had a new custom Hogan themed belt created.

The current World Salad Champion is Mark Henry, who defeated Hulk Hogan in an Iron Match after Special Referee "Power" Paul Burchill turned heel and helped Henry win.

Wrestler: Times: Defenses: Notes:
Hulk Hogan 1 6

- Def. Paul Burchill via pinfall (Hell in a Cell)
- Def. Hardcore Holly (Buried Alive Match)
- Retains vs. The Boogeyman via Draw (Iron Man Match)
- Def. The Boogeyman via Submission (Hell in a Cell)
- Retains vs. Andre the Giant via Draw (Iron Man Match)

Mark Henry 1 0 - Def. Hulk Hogan 5-4 to Win Title (Iron Man Match)

Big Black D Championship

The Big Black D Championship is a current Upper-Midcard Championship for the nL SVR07 Championship Saga Streams/Videos. Created from the ashes of the old Poopyweight Championship, the vacant Big Black D Championship was won by current champion Umaga in a Backstage Brawl against Rey Mysterio.

Wrestler: Times: Defenses: Notes:
Umaga 1 0

- Def. Rey Mysterio via KO to Win Title (Backstage Brawl)

Melina Championship

The Melina Championship is the current Lower-Midcard Championship for the nL SVR07 Championship Saga Streams/Videos. Created by Homer and named after former WWE Diva Melina, the Melina Championship is the "Cheapest Belt you can make." The first Melina Champion was appropriately Johnny Nitro, on-and-off again boyfriend of Melina, who typically referees matches with the title on the line.

The Interim Melina Champion is Edge, who won the title by winning the WWE 12 Rumble during the 2013 nL Royal Rumble Marathon. Despite the title being said to be on the line, Edge was named "Interim Melina Champion" by title creator Homer. Whether or not a future match between Nitro and Interim Melina Champion Edge occurs is unknown at this time.

Wrestler: Times: Defenses: Notes:
Johnny Nitro 1 2 - Retains vs. The Union Jerk via Draw (Iron Man Match)
Edge 1 1 - Wins Interim Title by winning WWE 12 Royal Rumble
- Def. Viscera via pinfall

Best Buds (Tag Team) Championship

The Best Buds Championship is a set of Tag Team Championship Titles that represent the Tag Team Division in the nL SVR07 Championship Saga Streams/Videos. Originally created and introduced by Homer, the first Best Buds Champions were The Rock and Super Crazy.

The Current Best Buds Champions are Thar She Blows; the team of Paul Burchill and Mark Henry.

Wrestler: Times: Defenses: Notes:
The Rock & Super Crazy 1 1
"This Rod is Hot"
(Daivari & Roddy Piper)
1 1 - Def. The Rock & Super Crazy via pinfall to Win Titles
"Thar She Blows"
(Paul Burchill & Mark Henry)
1 0 - Def. Daivari & Stuff via pinfall to Win Titles (TLC Match)

Poopyweight Championship (Defunct)

The Poopyweight Championship was the original Midcard Championsip for the nL SVR07 Championship Saga Streams/Videos. Created by Duel, the first Poopyweight Champion was The Boogeyman. After Johnny realized he had no cash to make his own belt, he sold the Poopyweight Championship, with the money used to create the Big Black D Championship.

Wrestler: Times: Defenses: Notes:
The Boogeyman 1 1
Hulk Hogan 1 0 - Def. The Boogeyman via Submission to Win Title (HIAC)
The Great Khali 1 1 - Awarded the Championship by Hulk Hogan
John "Bradshaw" Layfield 1 1 - Def. The Great Khali via KO to Win Title (LMS Match)
- Def. Super Crazy via pinfall (Hell in a Cell)

Other Title Belts

Hokey Pokey Title

The Hokey Pokey Title was a title that was typically won in a tournament and maybe defended a few times after tournamnet

Wrestler: Times: Defenses: Notes:
Edge 1 0 Won 1st tournament
CandyTaker 1 0 Won 2nd tournament
Road Block 1 0 Won 3rd tournament
Original C 1 0 Won 4th tournament
New Jack 1 1 Won 5th tournament

Submission Championship

The Submission Championship is a title that is defended on tumblr. The matches are not submission matches but rather just normal matches

Wrestler: Times: Defenses: Notes:
Blake 1 0 Inaugural Champ
Mae Young 1 0 Defeated Blake
Bubba Ray Dudley 1 0 Defeated Mae Young
Kurt Angle 1 0 Defeated Bubba Ray Dudley
DDP 1 0 Defeated Kurt Angle
Vince Russo 1 0 Defeated DDP
John Cena 1 0 Declared new champ
John Cena 2 0 Defeated Rey Mysterio
Batista 1 0 Defeated John Cena
Brock Lesnar 1 0 Defeated Batista
David Otunga `1 0 Defeated Brock Lesnar
Stephanie McMahon 1 0 Fired David Otunga and awarded the title to herself.
Undertaker 1 0 Defeated Stephanie McMahon


Tournament of My Ass : CM Punk

Brawl 4 All Tournament 2013: Abyss

WWE All Stars Tournament: TurdMaster2

King Of Duos Tournament: Brothers Of Construction (Candytaker and Roadblock)

Influence on CAW

  • SMF was by far the most offended out of all the feds that received the UMAD treatment; it's owner, TheSuperDingos deleted any post related to UMAD on the SMF Forum, and suspended many people as a result.
  • Crazy James, Connor Wine, and Mader, who's leagues appeared in UMAD, would later be signed by New-WWE
  • CARL was inspired by the nL characters Giga Jarrett and Giga Sting to create Giga Jemima for their league.
  • The Real Big Pete, admin at the MPire Malls, would take offense to the UMADs of VRW, going as far as banning Johnny and claiming he would like the newLegacy members to be shot.[1][2]
  • Two of nL's Members; Johnny and Blake are superstars signed in It's Walleh Time.
  • Johnny was also part of Jeri-MAX VORTEX's new announce team along with Homer for a short time before he left due to not feeling like it anymore. Despite this, Don Bronchitis left on the payroll for months and as of November 2011, he is now being forced onto the active roster by Jeri-MAX General Manager, Sakoda.
  • Blake has also done commentary for TY.'s ABW In the main event of The 2nd Tournament.


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