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New Outback Championship Wrestling
NO-CW Logo
Acronym NO-CW
Establishment August 6, 2012 - 2013
Owner(s) Ben Skarsgard
Staff Gage Grayson, Ben Skarsgard, Tyler King, Nathan Herring
Formerly Revolutionary Championship Wrestling Federation (RCWF)
On August 6, 2012, NO-CW started off as RCWF. NO-CW features great talent from all over the world.


Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Finishers Title Status NO-CW Acievements
NO-CW Alberto Del Rio Alberto Del Rio Heel San Luis Potosi, Mexico MiniMexicoFlag
  • Cross Armbar
  • Double Knee Armbreaker
  • Enzugiri
Current NO-CW World Heavyweight Champion

NO-CW World Heavyweight Champion (1x, Inaugural) (Current)

NO-CW Alex Striker Alex Striker Face San Juan, Puerto Rico MiniPuertoRicoFlag
  • Overdrive
NO-CW Andrew Hunter Andrew Hunter Face New York City MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Hunt Driver
  • Spear
Current NO-CW Iconic Champion Iconic Champion (1x, Inaugural) (Current)
NO-CW Antonio Cesaro Antonio Cesaro Heel Switzerland Switzerland
  • Gotch Style Neutralizer
  • Very European Uppercut
NO-CW Arcan Arcan Heel Australia MiniAustraliaFlag
  • Arc Impulse
NO-CW Austin Aries Austin Aries Tweener Minneapolis, Minnesota MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • 450 Splash
  • Brainbuster
NO-CW B.B. Disco B.B. Disco Face Funkytown, USA MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Funk 'Dat
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • La Discotecha
NO-CW Billy Yank Billy Yank Heel New York, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Bankruptcy
  • Line Driver
NO-CW Brandon Adams Brandon Adams Heel Liverpool, England MiniEnglandFlag
  • Final Revenger
NO-CW Bray Wyatt Bray Wyatt Face Lafayette, Louisiana MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Swinging Reverse STO
  • Running Senton
NO-CW Chris Corre Chris Corre Heel Chicago, Illinois MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • HarlemSide Kick
  • Kryptonite Krunch
DA Kingman Heel

Seattle, Washington MiniUnitedStatesFlag

  • Murder 1
  • Murder 2
NO-CW Bryan Danielson Daniel Bryan Face Aberdeen, Washington MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • LeBell Lock
  • Repeated Kicks to the Chest
NO-CW David Erro David Erro Face Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada MiniCanadaFlag
  • Rough Ryder
  • Outerz Limits Elbow
NO-CW Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler Heel Hollywood, Florida MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Sleeper Hold
  • Zig Zag
NO-CW Drew McIntyre Drew McIntyre Heel Ayr, Scotland Scotland
  • Futureshock DDT
NO-CW Gage Knight Gage Knight Face

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada MiniCanadaFlag

  • Osaka Street Stunner
  • Vertical Suplex Stunner
NO-CW Guerilla Black Guerilla Black Face Harlem, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Shooting Star Press
NO-CW Haduken Haduken Tweener Ballsack, Kentucky MiniUnitedStatesFlag
NO-CW Hijo Del Reyes Hijo Del Reyes Heel Tijuana, Mexico MiniMexicoFlag
  • Frankensteiner
  • Royally Screwed
NO-CW Hiroshi Tanahashi Hiroshi Tanahashi Face Kyoto, Japan Japan
  • Kinkasin Suplex
  • Sling Blade
NO-CW Kassius Ohno Kassius Ohno Face Dayton, Ohio MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • KO
  • Ohno Blade
NO-CW Keith Connor Keith Connor Heel Zurich, Switzerland Switzerland
  • Deconmissiond
  • Sharpshooter
NO-CW Kenshin Kenshin Face Shibuya, Japan Japan
  • Boot To Head Technique
  • Full Moon Bomb
NO-CW Kevin Maverick Kevin Maverick Face Harlem, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Lockdown
  • Unknown Pheromone
NO-CW Lil Jazz Lil Jazz Face Jamaica Queens, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag
NO-CW Louden Styles Louden Styles Face Memphis, Tennessee MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Label Of Silence
NO-CW Poison Bee Poison Bee Heel Buffalo, New York MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Fatal Sting
  • Poison Bomb
NO-CW Rouroni Mutoh Rouroni Mutoh Face Iwate, Japan Japan
  • Rouroni Roundhouse
NO-CW Santino Marella Santino Marella Face Calabria, Italy MiniItalyFlag
  • Cobra
NO-CW Seth Rollins Seth Rollins Face Davenport, Iowa MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Avada Kedavra
  • Blackout
NO-CW Thomas Jowdress Thomas Jowdress Face Yamaguchi, Japan Japan
NO-CW Tyler King Tyler King Heel Grand Rapids, Michigan MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Banishment
  • King's Plunge
NO-CW Tyson Kidd Tyson Kidd Face Calgary, Alberta, Canada MiniCanadaFlag
  • Code Blue
  • Sharpshooter
NO-CW Zane Ulmeyda Zane Ulmeyda Face Denver, Colorado by way of Dallas, Texas MiniUnitedStatesFlag
  • Epicenter Of Energy
  • Ulmeyda City Limits


Superstar Name Alignment Hometown Finishers NO-CW Achievements Reason Released/ Date Released
NO-CW John Blackrose
John Blackrose Face Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Canadian Crucifix
  • Thorn's Edge
Requested Release/September 6th, 2012

Tag Teams/Stables

Name Members NO-CW Achievements (Team)
Blk_Out 2.0 Guerilla Black & Lil Jazz
Kings Of Wrestling Antonio Cesaro & Kassius Ohno
RCMP David Erro & Gage Knight
Too Cool Chris Corre & Tyler King
Ulmutoh Rouroni Mutoh & Zane Ulmeyda
Young Aces Hiroshi Tanahashi & Louden Styles

Championships & Other Accomplishments

Championship Championship Name Current Champion(s) Reign Date Won Days Held Successful Title Defenses Previous Champion(s)
NO-CW World Heavyweight Championship NO-CW World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio 1 August 22, 2012 22+
NO-CW Iconic Championship NO-CW Iconic Championship Andrew Hunter 1 August 6, 2012 39+
NO-CW Tag Team Championship NO-CW Tag Team Championship


Season 1

  • NO-CW Expect The Unexpected
  • NO-CW Waltzing Matilda
  • NO-CW Hollywood Paul Hogan
  • NO-CW Christmas In Summer
  • NO-CW Walking Into Mordor
  • NO-CW Lost In Translation
  • NO-CW Sydney Showdown
  • NO-CW Shrimp On The Barbie
  • NO-CW High Voltage
  • NO-CW Beyond The Thunderdome

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