Next Generation Wrestling
Acronym NGW
Establishment 2010
Owner(s) PiTeRo
Staff PiTeRo (Chairman, Commentator)
TheCMTruth (Commentator)
PLKDamian (Commentator)
Formerly NCAW (Non Control Action Wrestling)

Next Generation Wrestling is very first Polish v-fed. It's recording on WWE Games on X360. NGW is similar fed to WEDF. It has most real wrestlers, but there are some original Caws.



Name Record


Highlights in NGW
Alberto Del Rio 2-2-0
Alex Riley 0-1-0
Bobby Lashley 4-1-0
Booker T 4-3-1
Chavo Guerrero 0-2-0
Chris Jericho 3-5-0 NGW Champion (1x)
Curt Hawkins 0-1-0
Daniel Bryan 3-5-0
Danny 2 Funny 7-1-0 US Champion (1x) Current
David Otunga 0-1-0
Evan Bourne 2-1-0
Heath Slater 1-5-0
John Cena 5-4-0
JTG 0-2-0
Justin Gabriel 1-3-0
Kane 6-2-0 NGW Champion (1x)
Kofi Kingston 0-4-0
Kurt Angle 2-4-0
Mariusz Pudzianowski 3-1-0
Michael McGuillicutty 0-2-0
Mordecai 2-1-0
MVP 1-3-0
R-Truth 1-5-0
Shawn Michaels 4-3-0 NGW Champion (1x)
The Hurricane 3-5-0 Hardcore Champion (1x)
The Miz 6-4-0
Triple H 4-4-0
Vitor Robiedo 2-1-0
Zack Ryder 0-3-0


Name Record


Highlights in NGW
AJ Styles 0-3-0
Batista 4-2-0
Brock Lesnar 5-2-0 World Heavyweight Champion Current(2x)
"Big" Brodus Clay 3-0-0 Hardcore Champion (1x) Current
Charlie Haas 0-1-0
Christian 3-1-0 World Tag Team Champion (1x) Current
CM Punk 4-2-0
Cody Rhodes 5-2-0 World Tag Team Champion (1x), Mr. Money in the Bank Current
Damien Bryan 2-0-0
Dolph Ziggler 4-1-0
Drew McIntyre 2-1-0 NGW Champion (1x) Current
Edge 4-2-0 World Tag Team Champion (1x) Current
Jack Swagger 1-3-0
Jeff Hardy 2-2-0
John Morrison 4-3-0 World Heavyweight Champion (2x)
Josh Burns 1-0-0
Kevin Killgun 0-0-0
Kaval 0-2-0
Mason Ryan 0-0-0
Matt Hardy 1-2-0
Mick Foley 1-1-0
Randy Orton 0-3-0
Rey Mysterio 0-4-0
Rob Van Dam 4-2-0 Intercontinental Champion (1x) Current
Santino Marella 0-1-0
Sheamus 4-3-0 Intercontinental Champion (1x)
Shelton Benjamin 0-2-0
Ted DiBiase 3-2-0 World Tag Team Champion (1x)
Wade Barrett 1-2-0
William Regal 1-1-0 Smackdown's General Manager
Yoshi Tatsu 0-2-0

NGW Alumni and Legends

In NGW Alumni and Legends section we can find the superstars that are no longer under NGW's contract or signed legends contract. They are under NGW "Last Minute" contract which means that they can be added to any roster any time.

  • DH Smith
  • Ezekiel Jackson
  • Lance Storm
  • Mr. Kennedy
  • Sting
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin

NGW Champions

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Notes
Raw Champions
NGW Champion Dolph Ziggler 1 December 23rd, 2012 Defeated Kane at Ringamania
US Champion Danny 2 Funny 1 July 18, 2011 Defeated MVP on Episode 2 (RAW)
SmackDown Champions
World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar 2 November 18, 2012 Defeated Morrison at Rumble
Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam 1 February 6, 2012 Defeated Sheamus at Extreme Rules
Interpromotional Championships
Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian 1 December 23rd, 2012 Defeated DiBiase and Batista at Ringamania
NGW Hardcore Championship "Big" Brodus Clay 1 February 12, 2012 Defeated The Hurricane on Episode 17 - Superstars

Season One's CPVs

NGW Originals

It's a group of CAWs who have started their wrestling carrers under NGW's contract.

  • Danny 2 Funny
  • Damien Bryan
  • Josh Burns
  • Mariusz Pudzianowski
  • "Street Nigthmare" Kevin Killgun
  • Vitor Robiedo

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