Nick Gemini
Names Nick Gemini
Height 5'11
Weight 189 lbs.
Born July 5th 1994
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana
Died .
Resides New Orleans, Louisiana
Billed from Edge Of Reality
Trained by Self trained.
Debut 2013
Retired .

Nick "Space Cowboy" Gemini is a CAW Wrestler who is currently both owner/wrestler in NCWL . He is a former NCWL World Heavyweight Champion. In addition to NCWL, Nick also appears on TCWF.


Nick would come up with NCWL on Jan,6, 2012 and even though he wanted to be a wrestler decided that he should only do it sometimes in his own league. Nick would fight Fandango in his first match and would win.

He would eventually make it big when won the NCWL world heavyweight championship from Batman in a triple threat match at NCWL Judgement Day that also involved "Bad Ass" Sonic the Hedghog.

However, after learning he would have to defend against Hellboy at Survivor Series, he turned his back on the NCWL universe and it's fans, and attacked Hellboy. Later on that night, it was revealed that Shang Tsung and Wolverine were also in the title match.

Before Survivor Series, Nick Gemini faced off against and defeated Derekthevextreme in a Hardcore Rules Match at NCWL Ultimate Showdown.

At Survivor Series, Nick Gemini successfully defended the title against Hellboy, Shang Tsung, and Wolverine, only to be attacked and injured by the debuting Incredible Hulk. As a result, he was forced the vacate the Title. Hulk would win at NCWL thunder 19, but Nick Gemini would return at NCWL thunder 20 and attack the new champ, revealing his new powers to grow. The two faced off for the title at NCWL Highway to Hell. The Hulk defeated Nick Gemini, Shortly afterwards, Nick feuded with Prince Eric. Who became irate after Nick fired his wife Ariel. The two brawled and fought for weeks. Finally facing off at NCWL Hardcore Revolution. Which Nick won. Then, In 2015. Nick faced against his former bodyguard & friend Space Pirate Harlock & won. Nick also competed in VGWF. During it's brief reboot on WWE 2K14 at that time.

But 2016 was a turbulent year for the Space Cowboy, After finding love when Abby Sciuto won a battle royal on the valentine's day special to be Nick's Love Interest. Nick soon found himself a feud with Ultron. But created an Evil Clone of Nick Gemini from his Shadow. The two men revealed to have kidnapped Abby & tortured her. Nick & his Evil Doppleganger faced off at NCWL Primetime Payback. With Nick defeating the clone & Abby was freed.

The worst was yet to come as Abby was brainwashed by Ultron with evil motives, She attacked the NCWL GM Bill Gates & was arrested & sent to jail. Nick was saddened by his girlfriend being taken away. But The Wii Fit Trainer, Who felt pity for Nick, Offered to be Nick's Girlfriend to which he obliged

But things became even more worse & Harley Quinn gleefully confessed to the gruesome murders of Nick Gemini's parents. So she could join The Joker's Gang. Soon a match was made. Nick would finally get his hands on his most devious enemy yet. & to avenge the death of his beloved parents.

The stress from all that happened it that past year took a toil on him. Nick soon took up a smoking habit & spent time at the casinos gambling & playing craps. He confronted Harley one last time before the PPV. She drugged Nick Gemini with a potion which caused him to lose his powers. She then sent Arleen Sorkin & Margot Robbie to attack a weakened Nick. But he was able to overpower & elude the two women.

Finally Nick & Harley faced off at NCWL Fury of the Storm. After a long battle, Nick was finally able to vanquish Harley & avenge his parents. Afterwards. Nick took the rest of 2016 off to rest & recover from all the stress he suffered from the year. & to testify against Harley for the murders. He returned in 2017. Wearing his classic Space Cowboy Attire.

Currently, Nick Gemini is a regular on his NCWL Monday Mayhem & Tuesday Turmoil Shows.


Jamiroquai- Space Cowboy


The Orbiter (Razors Edge into a powerbomb)(Current)


A few Of Nick Gemini's Original Ideas for his Gimmick was going to be a Vampire, Then a Warlock, A Streets Of Rage-Esque Brawler Type, One idea had Nick Gemini as being the love child of The Joker & Harley Quinn. Before settling with the Space Cowboy Gimmick. As the latter ideas wouldn't have worked if Nick turned face.

The Space Cowboy Name Was Inspired By the Anime "Cowboy Bebop"

Nick Gemini is a Fan Of Quentin Tarantino Films.

Was Romantically Linked to Sarah Bryant in 2013.

In early 2015. Nick Gemini received a new valet, Abby Sciuto who won a All-Women battle royal to become Nick's Valet & Love Interest.

Nick's favorite food is Pizza (Without Cheese), Broccoli Rabe & Chinese food.

Nick also works as a longshoreman on the docks of louisana sometimes.

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