Nightmare Before Christmas
Nightmare Before Christmas Logo
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Promotion Multi
Date December 24, 2012
Venue Smart Areneta Coliseum
City Quezon City, Philippines
Theme Song "Carol of the Bells" by August Burns Red
Last Event N/A
Next Event Nightmare Before Christmas II

Nightmare Before Christmas is a Multi-CAW Event that airs on Christmas Eve. This event will be hosted by the controversial CAW wrestler, Poison Bee. Any CAW fed can participate in either their own match or have an Inter-Promotional Match with another CAW fed.


  1. Do not book yourself without my permission please.
  2. If you are unable to record your own match, please let me know and I will see if I am able to record the match for you.
  3. Please varietize the match types, I don't want every match on the card to have the same stipulation.

Match Results

Match # Results Stipulations Promotion Time
1 David Erro def. Jacob Cross Singles Match Battle Zone 5:19
2 John Blackrose def. Tyler King Singles Match WACW 8:19
3 Cody Rhodes def. Josh McCloud Tables Match WTW 9:31
4 Chris Corre def. Gage Knight Singles Match for a Lifetime Supply of Fun-Size Snickers Bars NO-CW 4:57
5 Caylen Rogers def. Poison Bee Singles Match Wrestling Heaven 8:10
6 Evan O'Shea def. James Blazer Champion vs. Champion Match EDF 8:49
7 fake Brent Harvanator def. fake Louden Styles Singles Match PDW 9:58
Main Event Austin Aries def. Klaus Schmidt, Mike Bennett, Kassius Ohno, Gangrel, and Ken Shamrock (c) Armageddon Hell In A Cell Match for the WAF Championship WAF 9:24
  • 5 - Poison Bee issued an open challenge and Caylen Rogers accepted it.
  • 7 - Brent Harvanator and Louden Styles never agreed to the match, so they were replaced by a time lapping clones that was brought from the past by the infamous The Doctor from Doctor Who TV series. There clones would take their place in the card.