NoDQ Forums was a forum that hosted CAW shows. It hosted CAW shows from February 2004-July 2005. Then again from June 2006-November 2007. It was a very controversial site due to the accusations of bias towards certain leagues and pop-ups the website had. However, it still remained very popular for the time in which it was open.

The first run of the CAW NoDQ Forums was from February 2004-July 2005. It also hosted one of the first and most popular leagues in CAW, NoDQ CAW. During this time other CAW shows got their own subforums in which they could post their own shows and news. The shows that got these forums were SNJ, DWL, ROW, and CWE. Controversy arose when all the other leagues had to post in a section called Indy Leagues. Shows posted here usually got very few views and comments and also would be bumped down very quickly.

When Aaron Rift announced the end of NoDQ CAW in June 2005, this worried many people. A lot of people assumed that this would mean the end of the CAW Forum. A few members created CAW Underground as a place to host CAW shows if the NoDQ Forums ever closed the CAW section.

After the end of NoDQ CAW, the NoDQ Forums stayed open for a few weeks. However, Allan Caeser III aka Dr. P1zza aka Sonic the Hedgehog was angry at the NoDQ Forums. Months before, he was banned and this brewed inside of him. He planned a spam attack on CAW Underground but some members there reported him. Paul Bearer, the man in charge of the NoDQ Forums, responded by closing the CAW boards on the NoDQ Forums and banning any members who were involved with Allan. Over at CAW Underground, Allan was banned.

For the next year, CAW Underground was the only place for CAW shows to be posted. When NoDQ CAW returned in June 2006, so did the CAW section at the NoDQ CAW Forums. During this second run there were a few noticable differences. The subforums from before were gone and all shows, including NoDQ CAW, were posted in the same section. Also, the popularity of Youtube had grown and thanks to Aaron Rift's praise of it, it became a very popular place to host CAW Legaues.

NoDQ CAW ended once again in May 2007. The forums remained open for months until Paul Bearer decided that it has run its course. In November 2007, the forums closed once again. But there were places such as CAW Underground, the SMF Forums, and Youtube to host shows. There forums were rumored to be reopened when Aaron Rift made another CAW show called Bragging Rights but this show turned out to be a one-shot show.

The CAW Section at NoDQ Forums have been closed for almost three years but it is still possible that they may be reopened if NoDQ CAW ever returned.