NoDQ International Championship
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Current champion(s) Chef
Date Won May 5, 2005
League NoDQ CAW
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Introduced October 26, 2005
Retired June 17, 2005
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First Champion Superman
Last Champion Chef
Shortest Reign Spider-Man (6 Days)
Heaviest Champion The Terminator (500 lbs.)
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The International Championship was the first mid-tier championship in NoDQ CAW. The title began on October 26, 2005 at NoDQ Jackpot. The title was retired after NoDQ went on hiatus after Fully Charged. When NoDQ returned a year later, Chef was injured at the hands of Frankenstein so the title wasn't reactivated.

Stats and Info

  • The NoDQ International Championship was active for 234 days.
  • There have been a total of eight different reigns.
  • There have been a total of eight different people to hold the NoDQ International Championship.
  • Las Vegas Link holds the record for the longest reign with 75 days.
  • Spider-Man holds the record for the shortest reign with 6 days.
  • Las Vegas Link holds the record for the longest combined reign length with 75 days.
  • Superman, Link, & Chef hold the record for most successful title defenses with 2.
  • Nobody held the record more than once.

Title History

NoDq International Championship Name Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1. Superman Superman 1 October 26, 2004 59 Days NoDQ Jackpot Defeated Leatherface, Lex Luger, and Razor Ramon in a Ladder Fatal 4-Way Match.
2. Batman Batman 1 December 24, 2004 14 Days NoDQ Eastern #15
3. Joker The Joker 1 January 7, 2005 11 Days NoDQ Eastern #17
4. Terminator The Terminator 1 January 18, 2005 14 Days NoDQ Deadly Sin Defeated The Joker in a No DQ Match
5. Las Vegas Link Las Vegas Link 1 February 1, 2005 75 Days NoDQ & SNJ Domestic Disturbance Defeated The Terminator, Freddy Krueger, and The Hulk in a Fatal 4-Way Match.
6. Spider-man Spider-Man 1 April 17, 2005 6 Days NoDQ Action #7 Defeated Las Vegas Link in a Steel Cage Match.
7. Ganondorf Ganondorf 1 April 23, 2005 13 Days NoDQ Action #9
8. Chef Chef 1 May 6, 2005 41 Days NoDQ Spring Cleaning Defeated Ganondorf; Title Retired on June 17, 2005.