Noob Wrestling League
Acronym NWL
Establishment April 2, 2014 - Present
Owner(s) NWLCommissioner
Staff Owner: NWLCommissioner
Commentator: KJ
General Manager: Mick Foley

The Noob Wrestling League (NWL) is a current CAW league. The roster consists of current, created, and fantasy wrestlers. It is produced using WWE 12. Weekly videos are uploaded to Youtube every Wednesday starting April 2, 2014 and continue for seven months.


The NWL was thought of by ower NWLCommissioner after first finding CAW Leagues on Youtube. It was originally planned in 2012 with many wrestlers being created and download during that time. The original name was going to be Best Wrestling Ever (BWE), however that was thought to be too boastfully especially with the quality of the league. It was put off for a year while storylines, wrestlers, and software were being aquired. Finally in at the beginning of 2014 it was rebranded, accounts, and videos were created. Two promo videos were released on March 12 and March 28. The first official episode was released on April 2, 2014 with the first Intercontinental Champion being crowned. The first official CPV, Over the Limit was released on April 27, 2014. Season 2 premiered on March 4, 2015. Season 3 premiered on March 2, 2016.

Championships and Accomplishments

Current Champion
NWL Championship
NWL Championship Carnage
Intercontinental Championship
NWL Intercontinental Championship Steve Smooth
NWL Tag Team Championship
NWL Tag Team Championship


(Orton & Triple H)

Money in the Bank Briefcase
NWL Money in the Bank Winner Agent Smith


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

e v Noob Wrestling League Roster
Current Wrestlers: Agent Smith · Batista · Carnage · Chaz Parker · Christian · CM Punk · Cody Rhodes · Corey Mills · Cowboy Keith · Daniel Bryan · Dolph Ziggler · Dominic · Drew McIntyre · Edge · El Generico · Hiroshi Nakamoto · Lamar Henderson · Leroy Brown · Oompa Loompa · Pennywise · Randy Orton · Rey Mysterio · Ronald McDonald · Seth Rollins · Spider-Man · Steve Smooth · Sting · Ted Dibiase · Triple H · The Devil · The Doctor · Vincent Andolini · Wade Barrett · Willy Wonka
Former Wrestlers: Boom · Christian Torres · Shawn Michaels

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