Omega Pro Wrestling
OPW logo 2017 bordered
Acronym OPW
Establishment March 3rd 2013 - ????
Owner(s) Joe Omega
Staff Vacant
Formerly UCW (episodes 1-4)
UCW lofo

The UCW logo


OPW(Omega Pro Wrestling)formerly UCW is a fantasy federation which was created by Joe Omega and was originaly uploaded on his Bionimotion3071 Youtube channel .OPW uses original caws and up until the 31st of May 2016 also used preset superstars..

Developmental Zone

OPW Championships


Championship Current Holder Previous Holder Date Won
OPW Mega Championship Ace Justice N/A 03/03/2017
OPW Tag Team Championship Vacant Danny Jackpot and Ace Justice 03/03/2017
OPW World Women's Championship Akira Khan N/A

Defunct Championships and Awards

Final Holder
OPW Championship John Depp
OPW Worldwide Championship Norm Dailey
OPW Intercontinental Championship Explicit
OPW Television Championship Krow
OPW Global Championship Gekkido Illidari
OPW Global Tag Championship The Crusade
OPW Hardcore Championship Crystal 1

Death or Glory Series winners:

Superstar Date Won Points won with Event won at
Danny Jackpot 13/10/13 57  

OPW High Octane

John Depp 13/10/14 20 OPW High Octane 2

Anniversary Awards

Award Winner Year Previous Winner
OPW Anniversary Rumble Tyson Gore 2014-2015 Larry It
OPW Breakthrough Star Award Viktor Armada 2014-2015 TJ Nicholson
OPW Match of The Year Award Norm/Taker/Brock OPW Lockdown 2014-2015 Jeff/Norm OPW Cyberslam
OPW Superstar of the Year Award Norm Dailey 2014-2015 Norm Dailey

Other Championships/Acomplishments

The OPW Cup.

Superstar Date Won Event Won At
King Krip 07/10/2016 OPW Cup 1

King of the Ring winners:

Superstar Date Won Event won At
Norm Dailey 06/08/13 OPW King of the Ring
Tony Cole[1] 26/4/14 OPW King of the Ring 2
El Diablous 26/9/15 OPW Acedia

1.Tony lost the crown to John Cena on the following OPW Episode. 


OPW Warzone, the flagship OPW Show, airing over 194 episodes.

OPW Roster

OPW Male Roster

Superstar Finisher Role
Ace Justice Knockout Punch

Jack-knife Powerbomb

A.J. Styles Styles Clash

Calf Crusher

Alex Destiny Maniac Manix Heel
Bubba Ray Dudley Bubba Bomb Heel
Butch Simspon Butcher's Slash Heel
Crimson Hector Heel
Crystal 1 Brainbuster Face
Cyrus Perizma Tigerbomb


T-C-O (Stole from Joe Omega)

El Diablous Chokeslam

Hell's Wind

Explicit Rebound Lariat Heel
Danny Jackpot Cash-Out Heel
Dean Ambrose Dirty Deeds Face
D-Von Dudley Testify Heel
Finn Balor Coup de Gracé Face
Gekkido Illidari Clothesline Face
Hideo Itami G-T-S Face
Jeff Hardy Twist-of-Fate Face
John Depp Black Arrow

Bloodrush Driver

King Krip Bloodrush Driver Heel
Krow Chokehold Heel
Mark Phantom 630 Splash Heel
Norm Dailey Butterfly Piledriver Heel
Rain Lopez Drive-By Kick Heel
Roman Reigns Spear Face
Samoa Joe Kokina Clutch

Muscle Buster

Seth Rollins Curbstomp Face
Shinsuke Nakamura Kinshasa Knee Strike Face
Viktor Armada Butterfly DDT Heel

OPW Women's Roster

Superstar Finisher Role
Akira Khan Powerbomb Face
Alexa Bliss Twisted Bliss Heel
A.L.I.C.E D-D-T Heel
Asuka Asuka-Lock Face
Becky Lynch Bex-Plex Face
Charlotte Figure Eight Heel
Eva Marie Sliced Bread Heel
Lucy Round-House Face
Sasha Banks Bank Statement Heel

OPW Legends Roster

Superstar Finsiher Role
Brock Lesnar F-5 Heel
The Undertaker Tombstone Face

Free Agents


Devon Erik Face
Jokerr Heel
Larry It Face
Matt Eichorn Heel
Rain Lopez Heel
Shawn Dynasty Face
Sunny Meadows Face
TJ Nicholson Face
Todd Taylor Face


Stable Name Members Alignment

Notable Alumni

OPW Staff

Role Worker
Company Owner Joe Omega
Supervisor Vacant
Commisioner Vacant
Road Agent John Depp
Trainer Danny Jackpot

OPW Season 1 CPV'S

OPW Season 2 CPV's

OPW Season 3 CPV's

OPW Season 4 CPV's

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