Omega Pro Wrestling
Acronym OPW
Establishment March 3rd 2013 - ????
Owner(s) Joe Omega
Staff Vacant
Formerly UCW (episodes 1-4)


OPW(Omega Pro Wrestling)formerly UCW is a fantasy federation which was created by Joe Omega and was originaly uploaded on his Bionimotion3071 Youtube channel .OPW uses original caws and preset superstars..

Sister Promotion

UCW lofo

The UCW logo


Developmental Zone

OPW Draft

The OPW Draft is annual event that started with OPW Season 4. Though there had been many brand splits before, this was to be the final one.

OPW Draft 2018

OPW Championships and Awards

OPW Fortune Briefcase

The OPW Cup.

Superstar Date Won Event Won At
King Krip 07/10/2016 OPW Cup 1
Dean Ambrose 01/05/2018 OPW Cup II

Death or Glory Series winners:

Superstar Date Won Points won with Event won at
Danny Jackpot 13/10/13 57  

OPW High Octane

John Depp 13/10/14 20 OPW High Octane 2

Warzone Championships.

Championship Current Holder Previous Holder Date Won
OPW Mega Championship Roman Reigns Ace Justice 21/10/2017
OPW Tag Team Championship The Hardyz Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles 04/05/2018
OPW United Kingdom Championship Bart Balousek Neville 22/06/2018
OPW All-Asia Championship El Diablous Shinsuke Nakamura 04/05/2018
OPW Women's Tag Team Championship Beth Phoenix and Natalya N/A 06/06/2018

Soundwave Championships

Championship Current Holder Previous Holder Date Won
OWGP Classic Championship Tetsuya Naito John Depp 22/06/2018
OWGP Tag Team Championship The White Panthers N/A 22/06/2018
OPW North American Championship John Depp N/A 08/05/2018
OPW Southern Islands Championship Orion N/A 01/05/2018
OPW World Women's Championship Princess Lucy Ivory Rogue 13/05/2018

Defunct Championships and Awards

Final Holder
OPW Championship John Depp
OPW Worldwide Championship Norm Dailey
OPW Intercontinental Championship Explicit
OPW Television Championship Krow
OPW Global Championship Gekkido Illidari
OPW Global Tag Championship The Crusade
OPW Hardcore Championship Crystal 1
Award Winner Year Previous Winner
OPW Anniversary Rumble A.J. Styles 2017-2018 Tyson Gore
OPW Breakthrough Star Award Viktor Armada 2014-2015 TJ Nicholson
OPW Match of The Year Award Norm/Taker/Brock OPW Lockdown 2014-2015 Jeff/Norm OPW Cyberslam
OPW Superstar of the Year Award Norm Dailey 2014-2015 Norm Dailey

Defunct Acomplishments

King of the Ring winners:

Superstar Date Won Event won At
Norm Dailey 06/08/13 OPW King of the Ring
Tony Cole[1] 26/4/14 OPW King of the Ring 2
El Diablous 26/9/15 OPW Acedia

1.Tony lost the crown to John Cena on the following OPW Episode. 



OPW Warzone, the flagship OPW Show, airing over 250 episodes.

OPW Soundwave 2K, OPW's second show, it has aired 3 episodes.

OPW Roster

OPW Warzone Roster
Superstar Finsiher Role Status
Alex Destiny Manix Mash Heel Active
Aaron Omega Omega-Plex Face Active
Anomaly DDT Heel Active
Amir Barnes The Pharaoh's Curse Heel Yet-to-Debut
Bart Balousek Brain Matter Heel Active
Big E Big Ending Face Active
Butch Simpson Butcher Heel Injured
Dean Ambrose Dirty Deeds Face Active
Drew McIntyre The Claymore Face Active
Devon Erik Powerbomb Heel Active
El Diablous Discus Big Boot Heel Active
Explicit XXX Clothesline Face Active
Evan O'Shea Face Yet-to-Debut
Fenix Fenix Driver Face Yet-to-Debut
Finn Balor Coup de Grace Face Active
Herculan Trials of Herculan Heel Active
Hulk Hogan Atomic Leg Drop Face Yet-to-Debut
Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb Face Active
Johnny Painkiller The Painkiller Face Active
Karl Anderson Diving Neckbreaker Tweener Active
King Krip Tombstone Heel Active
Kofi Kingston Trouble in Paradise Face Active
Kurt Angle Angle-Slam Heel Yet-to-Debut
Luke Gallows Chokebomb Tweener Active
Matt Hardy Twist of Fate Face Active
Marcus Haystacks Yet-to-Debut
Neville Rings of Saturn Heel Active
Norm Dailey Butterfly Piledriver Tweener Active
Pentagon Jr. Package Piledriver Tweener Yet-to-Debut
Python Python's End Face Active
Roman Reigns Spear Face Active
Samoa Joe Rear-Naked Choke Face Active
Sheamus Brogue Kick Face Active
Seth Rollins The Kingslayer Face Active
Sunny Meadows Face Injured
Tyson Gore Sitout Powerbomb Face Active
Triple H The Pedigree Heel Active
TJ Nicholson Finish Deathlock Heel Active
Ultimat3 Heel Active
The Undertaker The Last Ride Face Acetive
Victor Armada Piledriver Tweener Active
Wilcox DDT Heel Active
Xavier Woods Lost in the Woods Face Active
A.L.I.C.E Superkick Heel Active
Asuka Asuka-Lock Face Active
Bayley Bayley to Belly Face Active
Becky Lynch The Dis-Arm-Her Face Active
Beth Phoenix Glam-Slam Heel Active
Charlotte Flair Figure Eight Leg Lock Tweener Active
Ember Moon The Eclipse Face Active
Ivory Rogue Knockout Punch Heel Active
Nia Jax Leg Drop Heel Active
Natalya Sharpshooter Heel Active
Rose Whiskers Face Active
Sasha Banks Bank Statement Face Active
Violet Omega Omega-Plex Face Active
Venus Senturi Heel Yet-to-Debut
OPW Soundwave Roster
Superstar Finsiher Role Status
Ace Justice Powerbomb Heel Active
A.J. Styles Styles Clash Face Active
Biff Andreas Wave of the Future Face Active
Brock Lesnar F5 Heel Leave of Absence
BUSHI Heel Active
Crystal 1 Brainbuster Face Active
Cyrus Perizma Perizma Bomb Heel Active
Crimson Hector Heel Yet-to-Debut
Danny Jackpot One Kick KO Face Active
Daniel Bryan Danielson Special Face Active
Daeon Wrath of the King Tweener Active
Dave the Pimp Face Active
Equicide Face Yet-to-Debut
EVIL Banshee Muzzle Heel Active
Gideon Pilgrim Face Active
Hector Frost Frost Hammer Heel Active
Incognito Face Yet-to-Debut
Irridium Face Yet-to-Debut
Jason Crowley Crowley's Call Heel Yet-to-Debut
Jay White Bladerunner Tweener Yet-to-Debut
Jere Forsythe Face Yet-to-Debut
Joe Omega Fall From Grace Heel Active
John Depp Black Arrow Face Active
Kazuhcika Okada Rainmaker Face Active
Kenny Omega One Winged Angel Face Active
Kota Ibushi Golden Triangle Dropkick Face Active
Larry It. Face Active
Marcus Matrix Heel Active
The Miz Skull-Crushing Finale Heel Active
Orion Heel Active
Rain Lopez Drive-By Kick Heel Active
Red Lion Heel Yet-to-Debut
Sanada Skull End Heel Active
Shinsuke Nakamura Kinshasa Tweener Active
Shawn Dynasty Face Active
Tetsuya Naito Destino Heel Active
Vietnamese Scorpion Scorpion Death Drop Face Active
White Panther I Panther Buster Face Leave of Absence
White Panther II Panther Buster Face Active
Zach Starr Starrbreaker Face Active
Zach York Rear-Naked Choke Heel Active
Akira Khan Powerbomb Heel Active
Alexa Bliss Twisted Bliss Heel Active
Andromeda Lux Galactic Fortune Heel Active
Billlie Kay Heel Active
Brittany Shields Face Yet-to-Debut
Kairi Sane Elbow Drop Face Active
Io Shirai Arcoiris de Io Face Yet-to-Debut
Paige Paige-Turner Face Active
Princess Lucy Knockout Kick Heel Active
Peyton Royce Venus Fly Trap Heel Active
Yanashita the Dragon Face Active

Stables and Tag Teams

OPW Warzone Tag Teams
Team Name Members Alignment
Los Proscritos de Reina Unido Viktor Armada and Devon Erik Heel
The New Day Big E and Xavier Woods Face
Akuma Accord Anomaly and Wilcox Heel
Lucha Brothers Fenix and Pentagon Jr. Tweeners
Painkiller and Omega Johnny Painkiller and Aaron Omega Face
The Shield Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins Face
The Hardy Boyz Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy Face
Bullet Club Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Tweener
OPW Soundwave Tag Teams
Team Name Members Alignment
The Industry Ace Justice and Zach York Heel
The Bloodline Danny Jackpot and Zach Starr Face
Los Ingobernables de Japon EVIL and Sanada Heel
The Golden Lovers Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega Tweeners
CHAOS Invulnerable Shinsuke Nakamura and Kazuchika Okada Face
Regicide Equicide and Irridium Heel
Jere Forsythe and Gideon Pilgrim Face
White Panthers White Panther I and White Panther II Face
OPW Female Tag Teams (Warzone Only)
Team Name Members Alignment
Divas of Doom Natalya and Beth Phoenix Heel
Horsewomen 1 Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair Face
Horsewomen 2 Bayley and Sasha Banks Face
Rogue and Senturi Ivory Rogue and Venus Senturi Heels
Flower Power Rose Whiskers and Violet Omega Face
OPW Warzone Stables
Team Name Members Alignment Status
Los Proscritos de Reina Unido TJ Nicholson, Viktor Armada and Devon Erik Heel Active
The New Day Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods Face Active
Akuma Accord El Diablous, Anomaly and Wilcox Heel Active
The Bullet Club Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows Tweeners Inactive
The Crusade Norm Dailey Face Inactive
The Shield Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins Face Inactive
OPW Soundwave Stables
Team Name Members Alignment
Los Ingobernables de Japon Tetsuya Naito, EVIL, Sanada, and BUSHI. Heel
CHAOS Shinsuke Nakamura, Kazuchika Okada, and Jay White. Tweeners
The Bloodline Biff Andreas, Danny Jackpot, and Zach STarr Face
The Industry Joe Omega, Princess Lucy, Ace Justice, and Zach York. Heel

Notable Alumni

OPW Staff

Role Worker
Company Owner Joe Omega
Supervisor Vacant
Soundwave GM Brie Bella
Warzone GM John Cena
Road Agent Biff Andreas
Road Agent Danny Jackpot
Road Agent Derek the V Extreme

OPW Season 1 CPV'S

OPW Season 2 CPV's

OPW Season 3 CPV's

OPW Season 3.5 CPV's

OPW Season 4 CPV's