OPW Absolute Zero 3: Survival....featuring New-NAW.
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Promotion OPW: Omega Pro Wrestling, New-NAW
Date December 28th 2015
Venue Allstate Arena
City Chicago, IL
Theme Song "Killing In The Name" by Rage Against The Machine
Last Event OPW Summerslam 3: Wrath
Next Event OPW Royal Rumble 3: Envy

OPW Absolute Zero 3 is the 7th overall CPV of OPW Season 3; this event will be a cross promotional tournament between OPW and New-NAW.


Result Stipulation
Triple H def. Danny Jackpot Authority vs Authority
El Diablous(c) def. Monty Brown(NAW) OPW Worldwide Championship
Norm Dailey and Joe Omega[1](NAW) def. Acid Attack(OPW) Tag Tournament Final
Acid Attack(OPW) def. The Goodfellas(NAW) Tag Tournament Semi Final
Norm Dailey(NAW) def. The Nuevo Conqusitadors(NAW) Tag Tournament Semi Final
The Goodfellas(NAW) def. Todd Taylor and Devon Erik(OPW) Tag Tournament Round 1
The Nuevo Conqusitadors(NAW) def. Crystal 1 and Alex Destiny(OPW) Tag Tournament Round 1
Norm Dailey(NAW) def. The Shield(OPW) Tag Tournament Round 1
Acid Attack(OPW) def. Larry It and That Sports Guy(NAW) Tag Tournament Round 1
  1. Norm Dailey went handicapped until the final where a partner was finally found. This was by order of OPW Chairman Vince McMahon.