OWGP Classic Championship
OPW Title
Current champion(s) Tetsuya Naito
Date Won June 21st, 2018
League OPW
Brand Soundwave
Introduced March 2014
Most reigns
First Champion White Panther
Last Champion John Depp
Longest Reign John Depp (453 Days)
Shortest Reign TJ Nicholson (0 Days)
Heaviest Champion Brock Lesnar
Lightest Champion Chris Jericho
Other Name(s) OPW Championship, OWGP Championship
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The OWGP Classic Championship is a renamed version of the OPW Championship, created by Bill Goldberg. The title shares a lineage with the original OPW Championship. The current champion is Tetsuya Naito, who defeated Biff Andreas at OPW Liverpool Gauntlet in a Ladder match to win the vacant championship and the 2018 One Survivor tournament.


The first champion will be decided in a tournament, the tournament finals will take place at OPW Fatal FortuneWhite Panther won this tournament.

OWGP Champoionship Tournament

Championship History

Superstar Times Won Date Won Days Held
Lineage starts with the original OPW Championship.
White Panther 1 21/3/14 30
Randy Orton 1 20/4/14 87
Chris Jericho 1 16/7/14 49
Brock Lesnar 1 23/8/14 70
TJ Nicholson 1 1/11/14 0
Daniel Bryan 1 1/11/14 107
Norm Dailey 1 16/2/15 293
John Depp 1 6/12/15 453
Retired for the new OPW Mega Championship 03/03/2017 N/A
Brought out of retirement for the OPW Soundwave Brand 10/06/2018 N/A
Tetsuya Naito 1 6/21/18 0+