OPW Championship
OPW Title
Current champion(s) Vacant
Date Won None
League OPW
Brand Soul
Introduced February 2013
Retired March 15 2014
Most reigns Jeff Hardy, Wade Barrett (2)
First Champion Randy Orton
Last Champion Dean Ambrose
Longest Reign Jeff Hardy (92 days)
Shortest Reign CM Punk (<1 days)
Heaviest Champion Wade Barrett
Lightest Champion Daniel Bryan
Other Name(s) UCW Championship
Past design(s) UCW_Title.png

The OPW Championship was created in February 2013 and debuted on March 3, 2013 on the first episode of OPW when the then champion Randy Orton came out the ring ranting on Shane McMahon's decision to make a Fatal Four-Way for the title at the pay per view Absolute Zero. The Championships is currently vacant.

Title History

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Randy Orton 1 March 3, 2013 36 Wakefield, England OPW Episode 1 Innagural
Stone Cold Steve Austin 1 April 10, 2013 25 London, England OPW Absolute Zero Austin made a suprise return and challenged Orton for the title.
Shawn Michaels 1 May 5, 2013 8 Chicago, IL OPW Money in the Bank Michaels' feet touched the floor first in a Cage match against Austin.
Joe Omega 1 May 13, 2013 10 Toronto, Canada OPW Episode 19 Bret Hart screwed Shawn when he was the special ref.
Wade Barrett 1 May 23, 2013 20 Honshu, Japan OPW Episode 21 Barrett beat Joe after winning a battle royal for contendership.
Jeff Hardy 1 June 10, 2013 92 Tokyo, Japan OPW One Night Only Hardy won the title by winning the first RAW elimination chamber match.
Daniel Bryan 1 September 11, 2013 32 Detroit, MI OPW Episode 50
Jeff Hardy 2 October 13, 2013 0 Manchester, England OPW High Octane
Edge 1 October 13, 2013 43 Manchester, England OPW High Octane Edge cashed in his MITB briefcase to win the title.
Wade Barrett 2 November 25, 2013 75 New Orleans, LA OPW No Way Out
CM Punk 1 February 8, 2014 0 Boston, Mass. OPW Judgement Day
Dean Ambrose 1 February 8, 2014 34 Boston, Mass. OPW Judgement Day Ambrose used the title shot he won at OPW Wrestlemania 1.
OPW Unified Championship February 14, 2014 Ambrose was injured therefore the title was made vacant and renamed.