OPW Intercontinental Championship
Current champion(s) Explicit
Date Won OPW Sloth
League OPW
Brand Spirit
Introduced February 2013
Retired March 2017
Most reigns Viktor Armada (2)
First Champion Joe Omega
Last Champion Explicit
Longest Reign John Depp (301 Days)
Shortest Reign Kofi Kingston; Joe Omega; Tiger Mask (12 Days)
Heaviest Champion Kane
Lightest Champion Kofi Kingston
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The OPW Intercontinental Championship is the mid card championship for the OPW. The current champion is Explicit.

Championship History

Wrestler Times  Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Joe Omega 1 March 3rd, 2013 64 Wakefield, England OPW Episode 1 Inaugural champion
Christian 1 May 6th, 2013 35 Chicago, IL OPW Episode18
Kofi Kingston 1 June 10th, 2013 12 Tokyo, Japan OPW One Night Only
Razor Ramon 1 June 22nd, 2013 70 Miami, FL OPW Episode 25
Joe Omega 2

August 31st, 2013

12 Chicago, IL OPW Cyberslam
Kane 1 September 11th, 2013 121 Detroit, MI OPW Episode 50
The Fall3n 1 December 11th, 2013 21 New Orleans, LA OPW Wrestlemania 1
Kane 2 January 1st, 2014 52 Wakefield, England OPW Warzone 69
Antonio Cesaro 1 February 22nd, 2014 20 Glasgow, Scotland OPW Episode 81
Tiger Mask 1

March 14th, 2014

12 Phoenix, AZ OPW Episode 93
Vacant March 26th, 2014 OPW Episode 100 Tiger Mask gets run down.
Drew McIntyre 1 April 12th, 2014 24 Wakefield, England OPW Episode 106 McIntyre won the vacated title by winning a tournament.
Wade Barrett 1 May 6th, 2014 21 London, England OPW Episode 118
Shawn Dynasty 1 May 27th, 2014 77 Tampa, FL OPW Episode 122
Shawn Dynasty and Viktor Armada



August 12th, 2014



New York City, NY OPW Episode 134 Viktor proclaimed himself the new champion as Shawn was out of action.
Viktor Armada 2 November 1st, 2014 277 London, England OPW Wrestlemania 2 Viktor became the overall champ in an Unification Match.
John Depp 1 August 4th, 2015 301 Milan, Italy OPW Lust
Explicit 1 May 31st, 2016 659+ Chicago, IL OPW Sloth Explicit won the tile in an open challenge.